Vaping Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert fondled date's penis in theater

With this recent news, hackers are salivating. I can’t wait.


The defense that will gain LB support is to avoid sincerely apologizing and instead take pride in her alleged misbehavior. It could be too late, but then again, the “sorry about the community attention” apology-ish statement is lame enough to back-peddle with a “I’m sorry but I’m not sorry” qualifier.


I keep reading the thread title as “Vapid Colorado congresswoman etc.”…


I’m sure she will be registered as a sex offender for the rest of her life, just like a pleb.

Don’t worry, it won’t have any effect on her political (Republican) career.



umm, Boeb? can we talk about those boots?

now, i am no fashion police - hell, i live in cargo shorts and tees, BUT!
as a lover of fine cowboy boots (i have custom made python and a pair of stingray boots that are made for my prosthetic foot - working on some alligators), i just think that those don’t work like she may have thought in her “hayloft glam shot” walmart/olan mills portrait there.
forgive me for boot-shaming.


I am, at times, a professional furry pornographer. I am well-acquainted with the vast scope of weird things that people get off to.

And I gotta say, “a showing of Beetlejuice” is a hell of a choice of a place to squeeze your date’s fun parts.


First off, mens sana or whatever it’s called doesn’t mean you can commit an offence, forget about it, and get off the charge. It’s your state of mind preceding the offence which matters.

Second, would a reasonable jury believe you just forget because you said so?

Third, congresspeople are judged in the court of public opinion, which has different rules.


Well, it was a musical. Honk honk!


There’s nothing wrong with a surreptitious consensual fondle, even if it’s in a public place. Is it too boring to report on the actual harm Boebert is causing in Congress?


That’s reported here on a daily basis. As for the Chaturbate rehearsal shown here, it’s the hypocrisy of this “family values” exemplar that makes it a story.


That juice ain’t worth the squeeze.


They do plenty of that, too. And yes, this was inappropriate for her to be doing.

Jada Pinkett Smith Periodt GIF by Red Table Talk


And a gun owner.


And even if she was a moral paragon, she’s still a fascist.


If you are a fascist, you can’t be a moral paragon, and vice versa.



What the hell, Lauren? You apologized??? Have you learned nothing from your fearless leader?

First, you deny it. If people keep asking, say that a democrat did it. If people trot out crappy photos, say that could be anyone. If people post video, lie about something else, like Hunter Biden conspired with Ukraine, or that the economy is in the toilet.

You do not admit anything, and you Do Not Apologize.


As someone who is not up to date on that reporting, I wish @beschizza would have linked to some of that.

… and linked to her public stances on “family values” and moral behaviour, and sex in general.

Or maybe not?
I have mixed feelings about this.
I’m all in for a laugh at the expense of hypocrisy, but in this case, I have my reservations about my own reactions - due to the probability that she is held to higher standards than men in the political public because she is a woman.

Maybe, an additional line would suffice to make more readers uneasy about potential sex shaming?

Honestly not sure about my opinions here. I find it difficult to navigate my own biases in this.


They (meaning all the authors, not just @beschizza) post on political stuff quite a bit… as do several of the non-boing ongoing political threads… :woman_shrugging: Pretty much everyone who posts on the front page posts whatever interests them, and if you’re not a fan of some posts, I’m sure there are plenty of other things to tickle your fancy…

I really don’t. She’s very much thrown her lot in with the “family values” crowd, supporting genocidal policies against the LGBQT+ community, especially trans people. So, yes, pointing out her hypocrisy matters.

Maybe look at what some of the women around here are saying. I personal do not give two shits who she hooks up with, or even really what she does in public with that person. But she is very much showing who she is which does not align with the policies she is pushing. So, she can fuck off and keep fucking off.

She’s out to literally destroy democracy, I am finding all this pearl clutching about “slut shaming” to be really missing the point here… She’s a “family values” person, but clearly gives no fucks about families.