Vermont Sheriff's captain fired after video shows him kicking handcuffed suspect

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How unusual that a cop accused of brutality was fired. [looks at video and sees colour of victim’s skin] Ok, maybe not as unusual as I first thought…


Isn’t it interesting how there keep being examples (on camera no less) of cops exhibiting that ‘one bad apple’ behavior.

Perhaps ‘thousands of bad apples’ would be more accurate? Perhaps the job itself attracts the type of person who wants to dominate others with violence and intimidation? Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that cops have much higher rates of domestic abuse?


It is still somewhat heartening. Vermont is only about 1.25% Black. I find in places like that, when they can’t find enough minorities to harass, the bullying, violent behavior gets turned against poor whites, which this victim probably was. So it’s nice to see the behavior punished.
Let’s hope the bully doesn’t win the election :grimacing:


Aside from ‘because we can’ I really don’t understand why this sort of thing doesn’t get trivially converted into a criminal charge.

You’ve got the evidence of an assault all nice and gift-wrapped for you; and the relevant law enforcement entity has indicated in strong terms that they don’t believe that evidence actually shows something that was legitimate for cop-reasons; so what else do you need?


Cops, Prosecutors, and Judges all eat at the same table… don’t go against the family.


That’s because the whole phrase, which is almost never used anymore because of its implications, is "One bad apple spoils the barrel. If you have one bad cop, the others will cover for him, as will the union, rendering every cop in that “barrel” bad. Every cop belonging to the local union, and the national union, who doesn’t protest at being forced to join such a corrupt organization as a requirement for their job becomes tainted and therefore bad.

Its not that they can’t do good things, I’m sure their mothers love them and that they think of themselves as good people. But when you find a bad apple, you don’t put it in the barrel in the first place, and if you do find a bad apple in there, you pull it out of the barrel and then examine all the rest for any hint of rot, and throw them out as well. Any other behavior results in a barrel of rot and corruption.

Proclaiming ACAB and calling for defunding the police are not attacks on the institution of law and order, but an immune response on the part of the populace attacking the corruption in the body politic.


True, they put a lot of effort into convincing the majority of people that these incidents are the exception (with the help of complicit media outlets). I’m glad to see folks pushing back against copaganda, and hope that these incidents continue to be exposed with police held accountable for illegal actions. We put a slightly different spin on that phrase in the US, but the attempt to refute it even shows up in music: :grimacing:


Thank goodness it was not the often used “suspended with pay” deal.

Good job Vermont! (At starting to remove bad apples) .


Sheriff is having his 300 moment…

This Is Vermont!!

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