✌ Victory! ✌

Geez, I gotta tell you, you Brits have a big problem here. (You might already be aware of that!) I haven’t spoken to a single person here who: a) thinks Brexit was a good idea; b) understands why y’all have lost your minds. It’s not even so much that they’re angry as it is they just don’t understand it. And worse, they’re making fun of it. It reminds me of the Bush years after he squandered all the post-9/11 goodwill. And the regular folks I’ve talked to want y’all gone yesterday. None of this two-year stuff that your PM is talking about.

On the plus side, it’s a very good time to be an American in Europe. And if I’d known how effective it is to bring a cute 9-year-old who speaks the languages pretty well, I’d have done it long ago. She had a looong conversation with our lunchtime waiter about the menu. She was chattering away, and I got maybe every third word. I don’t have a clue what she ordered us-- some kind of small fishes in a wine and butter sauce with little roasty potatoes-- but it was amazing. I am counting on her to guide our stomachs through Paris in a couple of days.

And she saw her first Rembrandt yesterday. :slight_smile: