Video: Cops fired shots at protesters, including kids, as Trump was leaving Arizona rally

Thanks for hopping on here as well as uploading the recording. Will give a follow, keeping records of police actions against protestors is necessary.


Honestly, it’s been the exposure to the people there that has been so disheartening.

We went down last month after they reopened to check on things and get away from work. In middle of May, hardly anyone was wearing masks. People made snide remarks to people wearing masks in public. The HOA was being ripped to shreds over reopening the community pool.

The woman who was spearheading the “Open the pool” drive is now very sick with Covid-19. Unfortunately, her husband, who we used to be very close to, is even sicker than she is.

I will definitely get involved once I’m there full time. I’ve even donated to candidates to help make change. (Yay, Commander Kelly!!) It’s difficult to get too involved from several states away and only a few weeks a year at this point.


Well, maybe that’s the problem. The police don’t seem to understand anything but force and submission.


My issue as well. I am preparing to retire, and my only child is out of college now. I was thinking of selling the house and moving to a smaller town with a slower pace and lower cost of living. The problem is the last 4 years have lead me to believe I could not live in most parts of the US outside of the larger cities .I will probably just hold on to the house a while, and see what happens.

Let’s be honest, Mayberry NC was probably a racist as hell town, full of snake handling churches.


I have lived in a small mid-western town of just a few thousand people, suburbs of mid-size cities and in large cities like NYC, Seattle & SFO. I prefer the big city living. Give me a condo in the downtown core of any medium to large city and I’ll be in heaven.


Agreed, anywhere I can sell my car. I grew up deep in the city, but moved to the outskirts of that city to raise a child. I still have bus stops and a light rail station within walking distance, but I do miss the ability to get anything I needed within half a mile.


Tucson (home to the University of Arizona) is something of the liberal bastion of Arizona, but like any red state there are stark differences between urban and rural areas. Things are changing, although in a weird way. Our congressional representation is now majority Democratic with split senators (and a real chance of picking up both). But at the same time the legislature is majority Republican and all but one (Superintendent of Schools) statewide office is Republican.

Doug Ducey is generally a loathsome creature, but pushback from local leaders (such as our mayor) has been able to take some of the edge off of his Trumpknob slobbering: they forced him into our original shelter-in-place, and have at least managed to get local mask ordinances passed.


Channel link if you want to help by subscribing:


The problem with the protesters was that they were not open carrying AR-15s at a state house. I heard that’s a safe way to do civil disobedience.


Masks are now required in AZ, yet I just went grocery shopping and at least 10% of the shoppers were still not wearing masks, despite the signs and everything.


Thanks for donating to Mark Kelly’s campaign, and for candidates working for a positive, inclusive, just future for us.

:100: agree.

Another signpost along the way Arizona:


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