Video destroys 'Back the Blue' republicans who voted against medals for Capitol police

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‘Back the Blue’

What? You mean to say that was all bullshit?


It was never really about backing the blue. It was ALWAYS about protecting all white power. Always.


Texas’ recent decision to allow so-called “constitutional carry” (public display of loaded firearms with no permit required) is another example of Republicans’ fake support of law enforcement.

Many LEOs spoke out against the bill as it made its way through the legislature, but it was more important for GOP lawmakers to pander to their gun-crazy base.


Wait. What? LEOs are not part of the gun-crazy base? Well, I guess we might count that as some sort of very small progress in a sane world. But we are not in a sane world.


GQP hypocrisy. Nothing new to see here, but kudos to CNN for making it so plain and clear.


Well, I wouldn’t go that far. They just don’t want every testosterone-addled yahoo packing serious heat, is all.


Meanwhile, Eric Swalwell tweets out this (story later confirmed):
#BREAKING Officer Fanone just ran into @Rep_Clyde at Capitol (he’s the “Jan 6 was a typical tour” guy). Fanone introduced himself as “someone who fought to defend the Capitol” and put out his hand. Clyde refused to shake it. To honor Trump, @housegop will dishonor the police.


Oh they are, and support constitutional carry provided you’re the right sort of people. The problem with the Constitution is that it also applies to those damned undesirables.


Well if you define gun-crazy as needing to have more guns than everyone else then all the bases are theirs.


Can we stop referring to videos as “destroying,” “eviscerating” or otherwise grinding its target(s) into ash? Feels reeeeeeally silly and unnecessarily self-congratulatory.


This video just shows how Fox has advantages in fighting an assymetric war. CNN’s anchors are speaking rationally and calmly, and they don’t repeat the point enough that these congresspeople voted against police officers. By the time they are done with the long spiel each person said in favor of the police, they go on to the next one, leaving the impression that they said nice things about the police and you forgot that they voted against the capitol police. It’s hardly brutal, nor a “destruction” of the politicians…it takes too long and gets far too wordy and doesn’t go for the kill.

Fox doesn’t have to be calm and polite when making their points, they know that repetition is 9/10 of what makes a fact to most people, and they know that less is more when constructing an argument. It would have been half as long and twice as effective.

It’s the advantage a propaganda network has over a news network.

That’s why we have to depend on the Daily Show and the Lincoln Project to make GOP-shaming videos effectively.


They like may-issue laws where only cops and their friends are allowed to have guns.

This also gives them a monopoly on moonlighting as armed security guards.


Also the victims have a habit of surviving their own destruction and continuing to do the same shit without missing a beat.


Especially in this case, where “destroyed” would imply that they would have any chance of not being reelected, which I can reasonably assume they will not.


I genuinely live for the day when these shameless bags of shit are no longer stinking up Congress.

Their “support” for law enforcement was mostly tied to the disproportionate treatment /abuse of minorities. If you need proof just look at the difference between rightwing media on the BLM protests and the Insurrectionists trying to over turn the election.

Comment by @carterdavis completely annihilates BoingBoing hyperbole!


I frankly couldn’t care less about giving medals to cops. What interests me is seeing Republicans forced to admit that they “back the blue” when the blue are a bulwark against angry blacks (BLM) and their white allies (Antifa). 2020, with the pandemic and the anti-police brutality demonstrations, will go down in history as the year that white paranoia and anger finally boiled over in the most demented and scary way since 1968.

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