Watch U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell recounts

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Man, that is painful to watch, it kicks my PTSD in can’t even imagine what it does to the folks that were subjected to it.


His continued lack of support from the right is more proof—as if any was needed—that the “Blue Lives Matter” movement was nothing but the thinnest of veneers for championing racist violence against minorities.


I read Trump was going to have a press conference on Jan 6th, and I can’t conceive of him choosing that day except to talk about how great the Capitol Hill siege was, and make sure his followers were ready for the next opportunity. I guess we’ll never find out, as under pressure from Republicans, he just canceled. I’m kind of sorry he did, though. It’d be nice to have it all out in the open in the most crass way possible. Finally we’d be done with the cognitive dissonance of Trumpers, replacing “antifa did it… but it was cool” with “Trump admits he did it, and it was cool!”


I mean, that they were literally beating up police officers with flagpoles with “Blue Lives Matter” flags still on them was kind of a hint there.


The ‘Blue Lives’ they refer to are Smurfs. /s


Well, it’s not that blue lives don’t matter, as such, it’s that

                  Blue Lives Conditionally Matter!

just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

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