Video: forklift lifts forklift



It must be said (or not, but I will and you can’t stop me):

“Yo, I herd you like forklifts, so I put a forklift on your forklift so you can lift while you lift.”


It’s forklifts all the way down!


Yeeeeahhh, THAT’S safety in action.

Is there a reason they couldn’t just use the next object being loaded to shove the first one further into the trailer, or were these guys just showing off ?


Very smooth. They seem to know what they’re doing. But I suspect OSHA wouldn’t approve (assuming they even have jurisdiction wherever this was taken).

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The signs on the first forklift look Chinese or Japanese.

And from what I heard from people well familiar with logistics, this is one of the pretty common things.

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The forklift looks like it is marked 力 山 (li shan - literally “power mountain”) on the side. Li Shan is the name of an industrial equipment company located in Taichung Taiwan. The company’s name seems to sometimes be romanized as Rexon. 力 山 is also apparently the Mandarin Chinese rendering of the name of Alexandria.


This appears to be how it is done at this place. Those operators were doing something that they’ve done hundreds of times.


That’s what we used to do when I worked in a warehouse.

If we were unloading a truck without benefit of a dock, and palettes were too far forward for the lift to reach, we would use a tow strap to pull a couple of palettes within range (standing well to the side while that strap was under tension!), then lift a palette jack into the truck and use it to move the rest.

I guess they’re just trying to make the most efficient use of available equipment, without damaging those containers.

That tow-strap trick doesn’t work well under compression, as these folks are loading, not unloading. Also, by the tie you get ten of those short boxes in the truck, it will take more force than a forklift can muster to slide all of them back on the trailer floor.

All said, they have a solution that works, as weird as it looks.

I didn’t see ten boxes there, but yeah, friction is a problem. It also can tear up the trailer if a skid snags on anything. Again, that’s where we would have used the palette jack. The method shown in the video is definitely faster, as long as they can get away with it.

It’s Taiwan; I took this photo of basically the same thing.

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