Video: Man booby-trapped his truck with a flash-bang grenade and... it worked

My comment wasn’t specific to any one location, even though the article was:

Emphasis mine.

Again, no particular location was specified.

Think back to the days before motorized transportation in this country, & people had to use horses for transportation. If you are out in the middle of Nowhere, & someone steals your horse, you are probably gonna die.

For many people, we aren’t that far removed from that type of reality in regards to cars.
Losing a car isn’t a mere inconvenience, & most places don’t have the sort of infrastructure you descibe in Metarie.

Surely you aren’t trying to argue that a car thief caught in the act isn’t guilty?
Or that there are always Extenuating Circumstances? Or that the thief didn’t choose to steal that car?
We aren’t talking about someone stealing a loaf of bread from a store, in order to feed their starving family.

If enough people do it, it becomes a “reasonable fear for their own safety”…

Correction: you generally can’t deploy violence as a response to non-violent property crime unless you’re:

  1. Using a gun, and
  2. White

Seriously - if you “defend your property” in Texas with a gun, you’re fine, but if you use a baseball bat or kitchen knife, you’re going to face jail time. This also applies to violent property crimes like home invasions.

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