Video of a snail being taken over by a parasitic worm looks like a looping psychedelic GIF

Damnit, just stop!

Xeni, we need healthy adorable puppies and kittens stat!


Zombie snail and parasitic worm.
Still a better love story than Twilight.


And it’s nothing compared to, say, the Sacculina parasitic barnacle, or the Massospora fungus that infects cicadas, or even the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus in ants, which now appears to control the ants muscles themselves, leaving the ant brain unable to control its own body…

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I mean, they could just squirm around on a leaf and get eaten. But nooo, it takes an entire extra step just to troll a snail.

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Just one of the many reasons I hate nature.

I’ve just had an idea for a new sex toy!

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I feel sorry for the snail.

I dunno. I think Yakety Sax would be more appropriate. Less nightmare fuel.

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I knew someone was going to Rule #34 this.

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does this qualify as a unicorn chaser?


So THAT’S what happened to him! Where’s that eagle to pluck out his eyes and turn him back into a real human. (Wait, better do the same to Steven Miller; I’m pretty sure he’s infected too.)

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When I was little I found and captured a solider beetle in a jar. The thing was in constant motion, running in place in the jar. I then noticed there was a massive hole in the back of the abdomen and it looked mostly hollow. Something was eating it from the inside out. So I dumped it out and ended the poor guy.


It does not.


The GOP pre-2016 is the snail. Then Trump came along …

Right, Snails are out carrying a comfortable home on their back and birds are flying around having normal poop and this worm guy just goes out of their way to ruin everyones day

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