Video of mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc at Trump rally just released by Michael Moore


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“Tell the truth!” is like the new version of “show us the REAL birth certificate.” The “real” birth certificate is the one that says Obama was born anywhere but the US, and the “truth” is whatever they want to believe.


technically yesterdays news, not sure how this helps identify the next alt-right bombers unless you want to comb the footage of all trump rallies preemptively?

meanwhile trump is now up to NINE hours a day of watching TV, as president of the entire country - you think obama spent 9 hours a month watching TV?


Vote. Everyone one of us need to get out there and vote.


Pretty sure that to the Trump fanclub, this is just further proof of how far the reach of George Soros extends. See, this agent provocateur was planted years ago !


you think obama spent 9 hours a month watching TV?

Not really. Obama is known to have to called in some insider help to be able to watch tv shows and movies early because he wanted to fit his viewing habits into his already busy schedule.


What relevance does this footage have in the news cycle?

We already new from photos he was an attendee of Drumpf rallies. If anything this footage just illustrates the point that Nostradumbass’s supporters are the angry mob; but it really doesn’t add or change anything we already knew about this deplorable individual.


Kind of agree. Nobody is going to have their mind changed over this. You either have got on board that he is obviously Pro-Trump or you have constructed the necessary conspiracy in your mind to not have to believe that.

Interesting that Moore had footage of him though. I would guess that more criminals will turn up in his unused reels.


Just another example of maniacs clamoring for victimization.
Of themselves, and others.


Well…I would back off calling all of them maniacs. Certainly one person in that crowd showed himself to be one sure…but others may be more just sheeple. Certainly not any better…but definitely not worse IMO.


Let’s not be too rough on him here… every hour spent watching TV is an hour not spent hurting the US.

Unfortunate that he has the best people to help him with that…


the false-flaggers will take this as proof positive that the guy was planted by michael moore. exactly how michael moore got a guy to agree to spending the rest of his life in jail for the stunt, however, is still a mystery.


What does “Truth” mean to people who are more loyal to an individual human being than to the best possible facts?


Shronger’s terrorist. They think that leftists are just as committed to violence as political action as they are, but it’s impossible that one of their own would do this.


But… but the left wing violence! What about the left wing violence?


They do like their nationalist rallies, don’t they?


Are we sure that chihuahua isn’t his accomplice?


Yeah, that bit always confuses me.
Plus, the whole point of actual “false flag” attacks (which happen on the international level), is that it’s all about trails of clues that point to another faction; you don’t actually want someone to be captured, because that ruins the whole thing. American reactionaries seem confused about how false flag actions are supposed to work.


He hasn’t actually hurt anyone, so Drumpf can easily pardon him. Will probably do the same to Robert Bowers.


There, all better :wink: