Video released of jail officers beating up a strapped-down inmate

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The Guards know they are being filmed, but just don’t give a shit, likely because they know they never get disciplined for their actions. This ain’t the first time those guards beat a restrained person, bet on it.


Oh, man that officer is so screwed. Let me get out my checklist:

He’s an immigrant… nope.
He’s black… hmm, no as well.
He’s muslim… well, shoot. No again.
The victim is an attractive blonde lady… c’mon justice, work with me here.

Ok, officer. You’re suspended with pay. Just make sure you really think about what you did here and don’t do it again or we’ll… transfer you, I guess?

ETA: I’m not, in any way stating that Noor shouldn’t be held accountable, but GTFO with any argument that this is a fair sentence.


And nothing will happen to them, even with indisputable evidence.


But maybe something will happen to the system that makes this possible. Once upon a time – within some of our lifetimes – this scene was enacted in most of our mental hospitals. Blessings on the whistleblower who released the footage. Please don’t lose hope.


To every fucking “thin blue line” flag waving mouth breathing ass that says they support the police at all times-

THIS IS WHY YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT. Every. fucking. time.


-The rest of the world

P.S.- I’m white, middle class, and educated, and I’ve still been treated like an animal by the police in at least one instance. I will never trust them again.

Cops abuse their authority all the time and get away with it with everyone- not just minorities. There is no real culture of justice in America- just punishment mentality.


12.5 years is recommended sentence for 3rd degree murder for an offender with no prior convictions in Minnesota. It’s the sentence anyone who isn’t a cop would get for the same crime.

BTW - this is off topic, so let’s get back to the shitshow at hand…about which I’m too disgusted to say much about. Beating a bound person is just so emblematic of how rotten policing has become in the US.


They felt threatened!


“er uhm your highness er uhm I mean your honour it was it was just a friendly demonstration . he was like” " I’ll bet you 5 dollars I can prove I’m an alien spaceman from outerspace that can make force fields." “and so you see your honour we was just settling a friendly bet.”

I hope these guys get time and I hope the guy in the chair gets 2-5 million dollars.


The video shows the officers speaking to the inmate, but audio was not recorded.

I’d guess they were explaining why the beating was the natural, inevitable consequence of who the inmate was or what he did.


You mean “first time today,” right?

And a pony.


Well good - actual charges. Let’s get a conviction. You can grey area a lot of things, but a guy strapped to the chair is like Gestapo tactics.


Now for the more horrifying local context . The county jail has had about a half dozen deaths in the past year. I’ve been dealing with a former county guard and he sees absolutely nothing wrong with this video and he left because he was uncomfortable with what he saw when he worked there. There is a culture of such brutality in this jail system that is hard to put into words. It extends to the Cleveland city system as well. When I was in for a night, the gentleman I was in with was an elderly man. They denied him his heart medication. Thankfully he survived, but he was legitimately in fear for his life the entire time we were in.



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Me too. Twice.


From 2017:

None of this is new, and these are not isolated incidents.


Sorry to hear it :disappointed_relieved:

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Trump watches this while he masturbates.

Sitting In A Room Strapped To A Chair And Gagged While Black. Blues Lives Matter, my ass.

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Hopefully the cops will be convicted and sent to prison where they can make many new friends in general population where there will be no Blue Privilage/