Video: Road rage in Russia starring SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, and pals




I’m going to declare myself in the camp that considers it a staged fake.

But it’s still funny as hell!


Something something Russia, Mickey takes it out of you


Looks like Russian “Reno 911”.


Pretty obvious. If a vehicle stopped in front of you for no reason, would you sit and patiently wait? Now, add Russian.


Was the one with the long snout the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs? That video was definitely goofy, whatever else it was.


People being punched in the back on the road is hilarious, I see it every day and I never help out the victim as I’m always laughing so much.


Are you a St. Louis Police Officer?


Glad I got on the internet today.


Heh. Another guy learns that you just don’t fuck with Disney.


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