WATCH: Latvian sendup of idiotic prank videos

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Idiocracy’s “Ow My Balls” comes to mind…


Looks like they have bagged milk in Latvia as well.

And to cap off each interaction…


Somebody pointed me at Big Brody last week (because I, too, have a bald head… though I am not a large muscular black man). And that led me to Tyrone. And somehow I kinda blame all of this on the (absolutely awful) Just For Laughs Gags.

Came here to post that. One of the things you see is the way that people are supposed to forgive the interaction after it is pointed out it is filmed.
That has to do with the consent they then give later for the release of the shot.

What about the ones who do NOT give consent? Who are really pissed off and go after the people doing the video?

They don’t sign the release, we never see the footage. But the footage exists.
I think about Jay Walking and all the people who answer the questions correctly and don’t show up on TV.

"The capital of California? Sacramento?
Governor, Jerry Brown
Yes I can name all the Supreme court judges
Yest I know where Iran on this map
Why are you asking me these stupid question any high school student should know?
What? You mean if I get them right I get nothing? If I get them WRONG I get to be on TV? Let me go back and give those answers again as hilariously as possible.

The Capital of California? California City
Governor? The Terminator?
The Names of the Supremes? I don’t know, but I love their music!
Where is Iran on a map? I know it’s here somewhere, I think near Westeros.

YES I’ll sign the release form! Do I get any money? oh. Can I put it up on my YouTube channel and get ad revenue off of it? Oh. you own all the copyright of my appearances forever and in all mediums? That’s crazy! It’s me talking! How can you do that?
It was on that thing I signed? That’s bullshit. Maybe I don’t want to sign it.

Okay. Well if I’m not going to get on TV I guess i’ll just let it ride.
When will this air?
Cool! I’ll DVR it!


I was expecting the van to explode.


I never noted that Vork (Jeff Lewis) was in The kicked in the nuts video. But watching it again I recognized him immediately. Memory is funny.

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