Video: Seattle cop laughs about fellow cop running over and killing a 23-year-old student at crosswalk

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she was of limited value? awful judgy aren’t we?


Misogyny rather than judgey, I think. He was saying that at 26, her value as a wife or someone to have sex with is limited. Like all the gross MRA guys and right wing podcasters going on about how they need to marry a girl who is 16 so she isn’t “ruined”

Edited to fix the age the guy who should be fired but won’t be said she was. Jaahnavi Kandulawas was 23 and the cop who killed should be tried for reckless manslaughter


63? Above says she was 23.


Typo, sorry. I was in the midst of fixing it when you pointed it out.


Fucking sick. Does one have to view people as less than human to be a cop, or does being a cop just make you view people as less than human?


Cops are less than human so they assume everyone else is too?


Do police forces test for degree of sociopathy and then hire all who register as off-the-scale?


i figure if the cop isn’t already a psychopath when hired, they quickly learn to be one. otherwise how can they live with themselves?
all those cop suicides? i think the cop couldn’t live with their actions.


And he still has a Drivers License; which anybody other than a cop would lose quickly.

And he’s still a licensed “Peace” officer.



I’m leaning away from “defund the police” towards “abolish the police”. These assholes are so bloodthirsty they can’t be trusted with cars, let alone guns. If all they had were bicycles and billy clubs they’d still be out there committing murder and laughing about it.


:sob: :sob: :sob:

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Seattle-ite here. I’ve been following this case for over a week. TheStranger(dot)com, our local alternative “newspaper” has been providing good coverage.

Apparently, in addition to not running his full light bar and continuous siren, the egregiously reckless pig who hit and killed this terribly unfortunate young woman was doing 75mph at the time of impact - in a 25mph zone.

And the sociopath-with-a-badge-and-gun who was caught allegedly making light of how a settlement might play out self-reported his disgusting conversation, presumably to get ahead of and spin the story before it eventually leaked to the media.

This is ALSO less than four months after the very same department came under fire for a video depicting a mock tombstone of a teen-ager they shot and killed a few years back, prominently displayed in a cop break area.

ALSO ALSO, SPD is still under DOJ consent decree for various flavors and patterns of misconduct, including excessive use-of-force and racial profiling,

I could go on, sadly. I fucking detest Seattle cops.


So the cop doesn’t like lawyers, either? Even hypothetical lawyers arguing in the defense of police actions?


I’ve noticed the insidious creeping of the term “high network individuals” into common usage followed by the even more sinister “high value man/woman”.

This is the next logical step.

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What sort of lawyer would use verbiage such as that to argue their case? That Seattle cop is so full of shit I can smell it from Tacoma…

Sometimes, when hearing about a cop being murdered in an ambush, I wonder if the killer just wanted to kill a cop, period, or if it was a targeted assassination of a really shitty cop, like laughing boy here. Please note that I do not advocate killing cops! Firing, arresting, and convicting, sure.

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