Video: Transgender women forced out of LA bar by hostile security

Fire the shift manage and the bouncers and issue a statement that bigotry is not acceptable in your establishment and train your remaining staff not to commit hate crimes and I might give the owners a pass. Until then, they can go fuck themselves; they’re responsible for any employees whose behavior they explicitly or implicitly condone.

This is not rocket science.

And that’s the victims’ problem how? Oh, right, because the owner’s indifference made it their problem.


But there was no “justice of the mob” meted out. No tar and feathers, no beating, no trashing his building. So I’m not sure why you brought that up.


Yeah - if staff felt that disrespecting one class of customers was the norm and and appropriate action - they were interpreting what they thought the boss wanted.

Why they thought that these were the bosses views - well - it’s most likely given the bosses subsequent actions (or lack there of) that they knew the bosses views.


Here’s an exercise for anyone who thinks this is okay. Mentally replace the LGBTQ patrons with black Americans and the homophobic/transphobic attackers with Klansmen. If you’re still okay with putting them both out on the street to quiet your bar, you have a problem. If you’re not, you have a different problem.


Well there’s a bar that needs to be shut down and a burger joint put in it’s place.

Uttering death threats. Doesn’t that make the. Deserving of arrest and criminal charges?


The owners pay the bouncers.
That’s usually good leverage.


Wow…way to miscargterize my statement. I ESPECIALLY don’t the couple (a pass) in the context of my statement.

Especially when followed by .

“They are the ones that are truly deserving of identification and shame”

Geeze you’re a bit trigger happy to make my statements out to be some transphonic guy.

/ps…I"m a gay person married in a 33 and 1/3 year relationship.

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Hi Sam,
Sorry if my reply read as a criticism. I wanted to add to your comment that the couple could and should be arrested.
Death threats FFS. (That FFS is aimed at them, not you. I just cannot wrap my head around people like that.)


Fire the dude immediately after it happened and reinforce to their other employees their zero tolerance policy for bigotry? Train their employees to not bring their bigotry to work in the first place?


That’s pretty much what he did.

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