VIDEO: White supremacist dingdong and mainstream conservative figure Christopher Rufo wants more cruelty against unhoused folks

Mildred, aka Thought Slime, disassembles horrible ghoul stinktank and fauxdecational propaganda outlet PragerU’s terrible video.

Christopher Rufo is a white supremacist, the man behind the current right-wing crusade against [checks notes] teaching children the factual history of the USA. Oh, yeah, and Rufo is the dingdong who started the anti-integration anti-CRT crusade.

In a recent video posted to Dennis Prager’s channel, Rufo decides that homeless people are a question to be solved. The Homeless Question, if you will. And the solution Rufo proposes: abject cruelty.

The United States of America has a cruelty crisis, one that conservatives want to address by… conserving cruelty, as if it were an endangered species. The United States of America is a country where five hundred thousand bankruptcies are filed every year because of medical crisises alone. A country where many can be fired, without provocation or notice, for the crime of being LGTBQ. A country where workers are routinely robbed of time, dignity, and wages by employers to the tune of SIXTY BILLION dollars. A country where more qualified Black folks are paid less than their white counterparts.

But sure, dude, outlaw being poor. That’ll definitely solve everything.


This video from Mildred over at Thought Slime caught my attention. Wot is it? It’s a well-reasoned polemic rebutting Rufo’s terrible idea. Mildred specializes in making weird and funny videos dunking on cruel jerks. Mildred’s videos are always worth watching.

length: about 26 minutes
presented by: Mildred
channel: Thought Slime


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