Watch red-hatted theoreticians explain the inexplicable

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“He’s one of us,” the man says in a really thick southern accent. These people kill me. I don’t know how he can say that and keep a straight face. And he really gave the game away when he talked about Biden. He said Biden might be ok if he hadn’t spent his whole life in Washington. In other words, he doesn’t actually have any real objection to Biden, or the job he’s doing. That means he knows the economy is better. It really is about the bigotry with most of the hardcore MAGA people. It’s the only explanation.


And there it is: pure, naked, unabashed tribalism. Class doesn’t matter. Exemplifying “Christian values” doesn’t matter. Adhering to the law doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they see their own bigotry mirrored in him, and that he, to paraphrase one of his supporters, hurts the people he needs to be hurting.


Except he doesn’t. He hurts them. He talks about hurting “others” but he pretty indiscriminately harms anyone who isn’t rich.


That’s but one of their MANY delusions about him—they believe he’s doing things to their benefit when the most casual observer can see he isn’t. He doesn’t care about them. Never has.

And I’d narrow that down: he causes indiscriminate harm to anyone who isn’t him. I don’t think there’s a single person in this world he wouldn’t turn on if it were to his benefit.


Well that’s true, but a lot of what he does benefits other wealthy people, too. It’s not his intent, but it happens.


The whole “snippets on youtube” thing is the real bottom line.

They basically get no news, they get rumors and memes, they get urban myths and paranoia. “Research” means finding people who repeat those same myths. “Ah ha! This confirms it!

And their self-described news sources like Fox, Newsmax or OANN are just creating and spreading the myths-- ten years ago “creeping sharia law” was the sinister bogeyman on Hannity’s lips every night, and yet somehow the US is still not a Muslim caliphate.


I saw an old post on reddit that talked about this. The link is here. I’ll paste it in here as an image, in case anyone wants to read without clicking. It is long for a graphic, though.

ETA: This is basically the long version of “the cruelty is the point”. I sort of expect this has been linked here before, but I found this long version useful, and maybe someone else missed it, too.


I was struck by that clip of Trump talking about how he “exclusively” used union labor in his projects, which isn’t even true, even though he’s pretty much forced to use union labor most of the time. He famously had to pay a rather large fine for using undocumented, non-union, Polish workers under dangerous conditions and at low wages (that he still stiffed them on). So no, he doesn’t get to claim credit for “exclusively” using union labor when he’s been pretty consistently anti-union in both word and deed, not just as a businessman but as president, stacking labor boards with anti-union appointees, fighting minimum wage increases, decreasing worker protections of all sorts… it’s just perverse to pretend he’s been an ally to labor in any way at all.

It’s been “interesting” to see, since Trump got elected, right-wing media types describing billionaires (who inherited that money) as “working class,” going on to clarify that they were part of “working class culture,” which they were simply redefining to mean racism and ignorance. Seems the MAGAts have bought into that entirely. Anything to find common ground with other bigots, I guess.

That guy saying he’d support Trump if her murdered someone just confirms my feeling that Trump’s moral/legal failings aren’t seen as such by some strata of his supporters. Murdering someone would actually make Trump more appealing, because it demonstrates “his guy” being able to exercise naked authoritarian power in its most extreme form. Hell, for supporters like this guy, it’s their dream. It’s saying, “‘Our guy’ (and by extension we) can do whatever we want to the people we don’t like.”


Since someone usually shows up in this kind of topic to whinge about progressives mocking these racist idiots rather than listening to them, it’s been covered.


It’s amazing that if you search for something, you will find it.


The corollary is that the more you look for it, the more you will see it everywhere.

This is called the Law of Fives.

In the Erisian Archives is an old memo from Omar to Mal-2: “I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look.”


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