Vintage photos of L.A. restaurants that were shaped like the food they served


One from the town I call home when away from home:


Flanders, Long Island NY

There used to be a lot of duck farms further out on the Island.


I want to wrap it in foil and call it a Chinese restaurant! yummmmmm :slight_smile:


Idle Hour in North Hollywood is still alive and kickin’


Part of me wishes this was required by law.


It’s too bad someone scooped it up already!


Just freshly restored, actually. It sat moldering into decay for many years, after the woman who owned its last incarnation, the “La Caña” flamenco club, closed the business and retired into the upstairs apartment in the top of the barrel in 1983.

I was really afraid it was beyond salvaging, but the 1933 Group has done a fabulous job of restoring it. It makes a fine addition to their portfolio of hipsterific cocktail bars.

Its outdoor back patio also features a scale replica of the Bulldog Cafe, originally built by the Natural History Museum for a display at the Petersen Automotive Museum:

Pretty happy little local re-development story, in my book.


Beat me to it.


Here’s another Boston classic. the original Simco’s on the Bridge.

At night it kind of looks like a hotdog.

If you squint…


That’s good content right there. Didn’t know all the back story, or that the restoration was that recent, thanks!


Welll damn, if the buyer isn’t the Easter Bunny, I’m gonna be pissed!


I love Charles Trenet’s singing SO much. I spent a few months living in the town where he was born in Southern France.

I remember when my wife and I went to see L.A. Story in South Florida when it first opened. It was a matinee showing and there weren’t many people in the theater but the movie really cracked me up. It turned out that my wife’s bishop (the leader of the local Mormon congregation) was in the audience counting all of the curse words, sexual situations, etc. for a newsletter that kept track of that kind of stuff for people who were afraid of going to the “wrong” kinds of movies.

He heard me laughing from the other end of the theater and later pointed out that I was laughing at all of the “dirty” (funny) parts. I spent my childhood up through age 11 in the LA area, but I think that I would have gotten a lot of the jokes even if I hadn’t.


Almost food-shaped, but not quite… I grew up in what was the hippie outer fringe of Melbourne, Australia in an area still known for it’s late 60’s/early 70’s self-built mud brick houses. It’s now suburbs, but at the time it was full of weird and wonderful people pursuing their construction dreams. It included the Eltham Barrel, home of an Austrian restaurant with lederhosen-clad, beer stein carrying staff and oompah-bands, built into a giant wine barrel. Sadly it burned down in the late 1980’s in suspicious circumstances: a true loss to the world’s food-based architecture.

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