Vladimir "Secret Squirrel" Putin meats the Gipper, 1988


The kid looks about 10. Just like the little girl in “Orphan”. Yep, it’s Putin.


“Meats” the Gipper? Ewww.


Huh. Wonder if he was just there to check on security.

Every week when this shows up on reddit people point out that this probably wasn’t Putin, partly because he was working outside the USSR at the time.

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How far left? The unattached arm with the wristwatch?

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He has a nice looking Zorki-6 there ( http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Zorki-6 ) and if he was a good little soviet, a Leningrad or Sverdlovsk lightmeter.


Yep. From 1985 to 1990 Putin was stationed in Dresden, East Germany, a station of secondary importance, if that. The KGB had more than enough personnel in Moscow permanently, there was no need to fly in someone who was trained to work in East Germany to do whatever connected with Reagans’s visit.
Also, in 1988 Putin was 36 and probably didn’t have as much hair as the guy in the photo. Male pattern baldness starts early.


If Putin is Secret Squirrel, who is Morocco Mole?


Making good use of disguise #164, the Graham Chapman.
“Stay calm, silly walks was the other guy…”

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Putin “Meats” the Gipper? Now that’s what I call a slashfic!


I’m not saying a thing about the hair… but I’ve just turned 44 and in the past two months my “pattern baldness” has finally reared its head.

I am saying that my first reaction to this photo was, ‘hey that’s putin’… and then came the “what, the fuck, does ‘meat’ have to do with it?”

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No worries. Colin Firth is there to keep an eye on Putin.


I sold fancy meats for a number of years. Early on, I thought it would be clever to make a note about an upcoming meating. Y’know, mnemonics. It stuck, alright; I probably scanned through that headline eight times tonight, before noticing anything fishy.


Can’t be Putin – that guy is wearing a shirt, and there’s no horse in sight.


Could be worse. It could be porn about the meat Putin the Gipper.


So the answer to “where’s the meat” was “In the USSR”?


Male pattern baldness kicks in at different times for different people. Some people start going bald at 16, others, like Putin, a fair whack later. Here’s Putin in 1998, aged 46. He certainly could pass as the same man in the photo with an extra 10 years on him.

Here’s the wiki article the photo is from.

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Oh, good lord, no.

And above that photo in the Wikipedia article is another, black and white one labelled ‘Putin in KGB uniform’. Which dates it pre 1990. Pretty high hairlne with a bit of a combover in front…

No, I’ll go with @technogeekagain, if Putin is in the Reagan photo at all, he’s the unattached arm with the wristwatch on the far left.

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