Voting Day: 1 dead, multiple people shot near CA polling station; active shooter heavily armed

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swears incoherently

It’s one thing to cynically predict “Oh, yeah, some Redcap will go and shoot up a voting location on Election Day”, it’s another to have it actually come true.

keeps swearing


Reason one million and fucking whatever of why we can’t have nice things.

And having just voted at a different and completely peaceful location in LA county, I hate having thoughts like this in the back of my head…


That pretty much sums up my comments.


Like I said, thanks to the Hate speech spewed forth by plutocratic Republicans, it’ll be a matter a time until a radical come out of the woodworks and commit a massacre.


Has anyone found any information about whether this is actually directly related to election? I haven’t been able to locate anything concrete other than geographic proximity to polling stations.

edit: related to the election in the sense of it being a Trumpkin attempting to “defend america” or whatever, or the shooter shooting at the polling place, rather than a shooting occurring in a neighborhood and there also being a polling place in the neighborhood that is now closed due to active shooter.



More likely. Maybe a coincidence though.


Redcap is my nickname for Trump’s fascist supporters, named after their iconic piece of clothing. Similar to the “brownshirts” worn by another fascist’s goon squad.


Jesus fucking Christ on a gilded iron crutch, can this shit stop already? If we, as a nation, are really this bad about having firearms as a privilege—and they are a privilege—maybe it’s to reevaluate whether this privilege is worth having. The cost seems to vastly outweigh the benefits at this point.


I am almost positive I’ve never heard the term “heavily armed” used in a positive context.


Don’t get in the way of the conclusion, you’ll get hit by a jumper.


I’d prefer to compare them to the British Blackshirts, as thankfully they didn’t gain power.


You don’t want to compare your enemies to failed bad guys, given the option. It undermines the whole point.


I see the trumpkins are already hard at work to make america white great awful again.

Why bother passing voter ID and other laws designed to keep non-white voters away from the polls, when you can just shoot them when they arrive? Keep it up, and pretty soon the only people willing to go vote will be the goons with guns. Then we can have a true democracy bullyocracy, just the way Donald likes it.

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Cocaine-fueled gun nut…


because no one in trumps America will be entitled to anything, much less anything nice. Unless it’s a gun.


What the hell is with the goofy cha-cha music for the embedded video?

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Didn’t watch it…

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Oh it autoplayed for me… just really surreal with the recap of the events and dooot do do doot playing.

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I think it is stock music they plug into these sort of things. It probably had a name like “Tension A4.” Only, it was more doot-dooty, than tense. I mean, I see where it was going, but it didn’t really match up.

And evidently this was just on his street, not at the polling place.

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