Vulva emphasized in new K-Y lube logo

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Well they’ve done a nice job of signaling that their product isn’t for the gay man. It’s ok though, we actually appreciate the heads’ up. KY is a pretty terrible product. If you’re using it for anything but the most clinical of applications, you’re probably doing it wrong. Sport Lube for the win!


So, I’m going out on a limb here to say that I really like that commercial, and I hope the multi-rimmed diamond becomes THE graphic image for the vulva.




Clever market segmentation is part of a good marketing strategy. KY is the sex lube of choice for Wal*Mart shoppers.

For everyone else there’s:


Technically, uh, just umm…never mind.


First off: Needs more vagina.

Secondly: What a load of horse shit came out of that spokespersons mouth.

And to finish up: Needs more vagina.

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That’s going to confuse a lot of people who think a vulva is one of those Swedish cars whose lights won’t turn off.


It’s a perfect depiction of Lara Croft’s vulva.


Came here to shill for my preferred lube: coconut oil. It is excellent for both anal and vaginal penetration, and unlike most synthetic lubes, when ‘depleted’ doesn’t simply dry up or, even worse, get sticky. (In fact, saliva ‘recharges’ it much more effectively than it does most other lubes.)

Its biggest downside is that it is solid at room temperature. And when you’ve got a spoon in a jar on the nightstand, it’s tough to be hygienic without being wasteful. But a couple years ago, it started showing up in grocery stores in a form similar to ketchup packets. And notably, it is the only cooking oil that I’ve yet seen packaged thusly.


Is this a positive thing, or a marketing thing (I can’t decide).

Forty years ago this Nostalgia vember, the Women’s Pentagon Action took place. I wasn’t there but I saw photos and lots of women basically showed off their vaginas by forming a triangle with their hands. I never saw that before.

I have noticed it more recently, the recent Women’s marches and I think I saw Oprah Winfrey doing it.

So is K-Y coopting this bold symbol? Or is it logical since the product is about sex?

The majority of buttsex is heterosexual - do the numbers. The percentage of heterosexuals who are into buttsex is smaller than the percentage of gay men into it - but there are so many more heterosexual couples that the actual numbers are much larger.

So - once again, efforts to exclude gay men are, in fact, excluding a significant percentage of non-gay people. These guys shoot themselves in the foot so often!

And yes, KY is pretty inferior lube. OK for a finger during a prostate exam, but not for much more.

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Its biggest downside is that it melts latex condoms. If you use latex condoms, do NOT use any kind of oil.


Needs more, because it currently has none? Not sure what a logo that actually represents an actual vagina would look like.

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OK, why?


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Eh… aren’t rectums pink inside as well. Squint a little and I could see it take on the appearance one is looking for. Sort of a Rorschach test.

Jokes aside, I think it is a great logo.A little clever, nice lines, nice colors.

Like this?


I think it was inverted, the fingers on too. But the book where I thought there’d be a photo doesn’t have one.

Also it was women using it as a symbol of power, it’s not tge same thing when men do it. Besides, when men use their equivalent, it’s vulgar.

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Lend unto Kara that which is a responsive serif of Kara.