WA Grandmother fends off attacking river otter, saves 8 year old


The coverage they ran down here n Portland was better. They interviewed the grandmother; spunky brave lady.

Otters are cute and playful but they are also, well, big carnivorous weasels.


As a lifelong otter fan this saddens me.

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This sounds like a job for OTTERHOUND!11!


Either an escapee from Perth zoo or an extremely lost platypus.


They are near the top of the food chain, and they know it.

They are also highly social, and capable of cooperating to take down a perceived threat. It is a good thing there was only one otter involved in the attack on the boy and the grandmother.


To be safe, the police should follow up on any reports of thefts of hospital scrubs (size “long”) and post guards by the kid’s and grandmother’s rooms.


Now I have burned into my brain an image of homicidal, anthropomorphic otters, dressed in hospital scrubs, plotting terrible revenge for the crime of trespass.


My work here is done.

{Brushes off knuckles.

Reaches behind ear, pulls off human mask.

Two otters scamper out of human-suit and slip through dog door into the night.}


See? The castle doctrine works! An innocent otter fended off a terrifying home invasion by a gang of dangerous hooligans! We can only hope the nefarious perpetrators will be swiftly arrested and brought to justice for their heinous trespassing!

…breaking news! We’ve just received word that the otter in question was subsequently the target of an attempted kidnapping presumed to have been an act of retaliation carried out by criminal elements sympathetic to the home invaders! A large metal cage, seemingly constructed for this heinous purpose, was found near the otter’s home!

This reporter shudders to think what might have happened had this evil plot of forced abduction suceeded! More at eleven!

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I’m really wondering why this post links to an article from a San Antonio local news source. You couldn’t be bothered to find an article from the locale of the incident?

What’s up with youtube links not appearing in replies? It’s here, but not in the reply below the OP. Unless I have messed with my browser’s settings and b0rked it, that is.

Have otters not enough bad press yet?

Perhaps its a relative of the Rabbit of Caerbannog


Say what you will rabbit s can be dangerous.

This is malicious anti-otter propaganda, no doubt spread by cats, jealous of the spread of cute otter photos.

The truth is that otters are bright and intelligent animals.


Choose the one that makes you happy

We need a crash program to bio-engineer river-orcas.



I’m confused - which one was the good guy with a gun? Grandma or the otter?

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