Wacom shows off entry-level Cintiq pen display

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There is an app called Duet that, if you have an Apple Pencil, basically turns an iPad into a Cintiq. It seems to work fine, in that it has OK latency and the pencil works. But the bigger issue with using it casually – and I don’t see how an actual Cintiq would be any different – is where do you put the mofo?

If you’re using pshop the way I do, and certainly if you’re using something like zBrush, you need constant access to your keyboard, and (at least until you retrain yourself) your mouse too. That pretty much rules out using the tablet in any natural-feeling position. At the very least you’d need a special stand, and I think that if you want to use something like this seriously, you might just have to get used to your workflow being less comfortable in other ways.


Why must you tempt me so!?! I’ve always ALWAYS struggled with the transistion from working on paper to using a mouse/track pad on a screen. In the back of my mind there is always “this would be a lot easier on paper.” Want! Want want want!!!

Well this looks pretty decent, looks like it replaces the 13" Cintiq Pro that was $999 - now I wish I’d waited a while longer - the extra few inches on the display would make a difference. Ah well.

This is about 5-6 years late for me, at this point i can’t really justify buying another tablet because i don’t draw with enough frequency to get my money’s worth but this is certainly welcome. I’ve always thought Wacom’s Cintiq line to be insanely overpriced, i hope this entry level one works well.


This guy has a review of it… He seems to like it pretty well.

He seems to review every possible pen input device and has a handy wacom alternatives list. Seems like there’s some decent options at this point.

Ideally, I’d want an all-in-one type input (I’m still using an old intos 3!), but the cintiq “mobile studio” is a bit long in the tooth at this point. The iPad pro is so nice to draw on, but I use a PC and there’s no decent screen-pairing apps (and it’s about $1000 with pencil). I tried an early version of the Duet with the first iPad Pro and a mac, but it wasn’t great for me, but I think things have improved since then.

There’s always trade offs, so this cheaper wacom seems like it could be a nice middle-ground. Or this knock-off… It has buttons! Can’t take it with you, but thems the breaks.

ETA: The tilt support on this Cintiq 16 is really exciting… oh boy… I want one.


Same, i have the small one, works great and i love it. It’s survived many moves and many years in my sketchbook bag being tossed around. I don’t use it much these days but whenever i do use it i’m always immediately reminded of how much it rocks. My current issue though is that i can’t get the pen pressure to work on GIMP (think its a driver issue)



Haha, yes! It’s like an old friend at this point :slight_smile: Good luck on the Gimping! Wish I could help, but I haven’t tried that app in a few years.


I’m not a fan of GIMP so far, i just recently installed it to quickly draw something up. Debating on getting Corel Draw or something else, would hope that those have better Wacom support.

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I have a friend who did a whole comic with brush pens and Bristol paper, for this reason. The struggling artist life is real, yo. Which is why I’m 100% going to be announcing her work everywhere when she’s done submitting to publishers, etc.

Dunno about Wacom support, but I know people who wear by ArtRage. There’s a trial version if you wanna just mess around and see if it’s for you.


Oh! They have a cheaper one now… might be worth looking into for the arty teen who lives in my house now.


But for students and working artists who use cheap knockoffs and are sick of fooling around with them, it’s a useful ramp to the industry standard.

Unless some of those ‘knockoffs’ perform better than Cintiqs in many aspects. Honestly, I cheer for the Cintiq alternatives. It is because of their existence (and in some cases, their pluses over Cintiq other than price) that Wacom is having to finally create some mid-tier options.

And for those looking for a good painting program, if their work is largely illustrative I cannot recommend Clip Studio Paint more. The program frequently goes on sale for $50, and all of my illustrating/digital painting friends have quit Photoshop for it. For even cheaper, the program Krita is free. It too stands toe-to-toe with Photoshop in many aspects. Both Krita and Clip Studio Paint have Wacom support (last time I checked). They also have support for many other tablet brands too iirc.


Have you given Krita.org a try? It’s also free, and is more of a drawing app than GIMP.

I’ll give it a whirl :slight_smile: you’re the second one here to recommend it so i’ll check it out for sure.

I haven’t drawn on paper (aside from meeting-notes doodling) since I left school almost ten years ago. I’ve been using a regular intuos model for so long and become so practiced at it that I don’t know if I could go back to having my hand partially obscuring my work as I draw. Not sure it’s worth the potential disruption to my workflow even at the lower price point, unfortunately… definitely would have sprung for it right after graduating, though.

No one actually is but it exists and its gratis so theres that.

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