Wait... Is That from The Onion?

Post headlines that seem at first glance to have come from the popular satirical newspaper, but which are actually real.

I’ll start:
#Martin Shkreli Is Auctioning Off a Chance to Hit Him in the Face


#Madonna Follows in Katy Perry’s Naked Footsteps by Posting Nude Selfie to Back Hillary Clinton

  1. I would spend my entire life savings if it meant I could have a shot at that. But of course I’d lose to someone much richer.

  2. What? Really?

  3. Can I use leverage? Or does it have to be fist to face? Just wanna know the rules.

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Oh please oh please let a special forces guy who has a grandma facing medical bankruptcy and a pair of brass knuckles win.


This… makes me hate the election sooo damn much. And it’s already an election with Trump in it.

from the linked comment (I may not be doing this right):


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