Roundup of newspapers that illustrated Hillary Clinton's nomination with pictures of her husband

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I’m silent screaming right now.


in fairness to the photo opportunities last night…did Hillary ever take the stage?

I did not watch past Meryl Streep’s introduction, so I am unsure if Hillary ever was seen on stage last night.


There is no end to what people get upset about is there? Bill Clinton was on the front page because he was the biggest hitter on stage yesterday. If you are the photo editor of a paper that’s going to be the picture you run with, former president, wife of candidate on stage. It’s your only chance to use it.


Here’s why this excuse is bullshit: the headlines and the stories are about Hillary’s nomination.

If Bill was the story, he would have had the headline. (And there were, in several of the newspapers, items specifically about his speech) There would be no problem at all if the story was “Bill Clinton Speech Rouses Democrats”

The problem is the illustration of a story about her with a picture of him.


It’s too easy to act on any feeling of upsetness these days. There’s no more “I’m going to write a letter to the editor!. Ok let me just find a pen, some paper, an envelope, a sta—… on second though, fuck it, what do I care.”

Edit: Not implying there’s nothing to be upset about here.

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What are these “newspapers” of which you speak?


But Rob, this is not how articles are poised or positioned in newsprint. The primary cover photo does not always match exactly with the main article like that.

Now, tonight both the sitting Veep and POTUS will be the keynote speakers. I can guarantee that they will most likely be the primary photos on the covers tomorrow. Tomorrow evening Chelsea and Hillary are the key note speakers…if on Friday morning we see pics of anyone not names Hillary Clinton. Then I am with you on the shade you throw.

Otherwise this seems within the realm of reason.


Bigger than the actual nominee for president?

Pretty sure she was the biggest hitter anywhere in the country yesterday.


It is a little odd at first glace. At least WaPo has “Hillary Clinton” in the headline instead of just “Clinton” and has Bill off-center.

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You are precisely correct – the stories are about the nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And you do know what happens at a nominating convention? People give speeches about the nominee. And when one of those persons is both a former President of the United States and the spouse of the nominee, you run photos of said individual.

I don’t know if you have looked at tonight’s DNC schedule, but Joe Biden and Barack Obama are giving the key speeches. Are you going to complain when their photos are on the front page of newspapers tomorrow?

Now, if the Friday morning pages don’t show Hillary (and Chelsea, who is speaking right before HRC on Thursday night), then I will concede that you have a point.


Maybe it’s just the “liberal media elite” trying to fool people into thinking they’re voting for Bill Clinton again.


You know, those news thingies on the web that aren’t associated with a TV station. I dimly remember something about wrapping dead fish and parakeet cages, but the memory is fading fast.


Huh. That is a pretty fucking weird editorial decision. I mean, you could have gone with a pic of Hillary taken at a weird time giving her a weird face instead.

Also, apparently a priest was killed during a mass and a nun stabbed in France? WTF is going on over there?

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Did Hillary take the stage at all yesterday? Seems like it would be odd to use an old photo of her for a story about a current event…


You do realize that Hillary WASN’T AT THE CONVENTION, right? Were they supposed to show of picture of her not being there?

You’re just trying to gin up a controversy where none actually exists.


I think it’s called “blowback.”


What kills me is how not having an appropriate picture to run just wasn’t an issue to these editors. And let’s be clear: pictures of other people aren’t appropriate to run over a story about the historic nomination of a specific person.

They didn’t need a picture of her at the convention. They just needed a picture of her.


And stuffing it in the walls as … insulation? Tinder?

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