Walmart applies "selective color filter" to entire Walmart store


This Walmart in Cherry Hill, NJ, has painted out all of the architectural features of its facade to shades of grey - all but its enormous logo branded entry. It looks like it was done with an iPhone app. Nope. Its real.


Used to look like:


Reminded me of this:


Sounds like they are just being more honest now.


Ah, the old “Reverse Pleasantville.


would that be Miserableville?


I’m comparing before and after, and they’re both Wal*Mart and who gives a shit?


I’m red green colorblind and see nothing unusual about this building. Bright blue and yellow stand out to me, but no other color does.


I don’t want to publicly reprimand you, but you are applying an impossibly high standard of care to the discussions here.


How did they get it to stop melting?


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