WaPo annotates crazy Trump interview

Have you read the comments to the annotations to the transcript of the WaPo interview with GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, aka Drumpf?

It’s pure cray-cray with the woo-woo and the run-on and the not-so-funny — straight from Bonkerstown.

An exaggeration? WaPo uses the word “bananas” to describe Mr. Trump’s responses to interview questions. Yes … in the headline.

HIATT: But just – given the Supreme Court rulings on libel — Sullivan v. New York Times — how would you change the law?

TRUMP: I would just loosen them up.

RUTH MARCUS: What does that mean?

[Crosstalk] …

RYAN: But there’s standards like malice is required. Would you weaken that? Would you require less than malice for news organizations?

TRUMP: I would make it so that when someone writes incorrectly, yeah, I think I would get a little bit away from malice without having to get too totally away. …

WaPo includes clickable highlighting that references the annotations.

Reader comments have been added to annotations and each comment can be down or up-voted.


Nice interface. There’s one poor bro that’s desperately defending Trump. That’s gotta be the toughest job!


Right? Seems like it’s slowly getting tougher to defend the Palinesque word salad he offers in response to simple questions.

His answers are embarrassing and confusing at the same time … an infinite regress of reciprocating embarrassment and confusion that intensifies as you read and reread until you have to look away.

Here’s just a portion of Drumpf failing to have and eat his penis populist cake:

HIATT: Just back to the campaign. You are smart and you went to a good school. Yet you are up there and talking about your hands and the size of private …


HIATT: … your private parts.

TRUMP: No, no. No, no. I am not doing that.

HIATT: Do you regret having engaged in that?

TRUMP: No, I had to do it. Look, this guy. Here’s my hands. Now I have my hands, I hear, on the New Yorker, a picture of my hands. …

Make it stop! :fearful:



The poor guy with the beard and the purplish shirt on our left looks like he broke a filling.

Trump has no end and no beginning…


I especially enjoyed the beginning, Trump’s soliloquy about bidding on a project (building) in D.C. and projecting an early completion date.

I got as far as…let’s see, it went: the building, libel laws, foreign policy (Schultz and nation-building, and Kerry and Iran=bad), African Americans, protesters at his rallies, libel laws again (“hatred” should be libelous?), and then back to foreign policy. This is where I surrendered.



I know! What is up with that? At least Sarah Palin would land the fish once in awhile. I read, nice building, good luck with it, and finished the rest with gritted teeth. At some point he just resets from the beginning. This is an entitled guy who is not used to answering hard questions.


Hey, did you even understand what he was saying about Hulk Hogan?

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My translation? Please stop exposing how poorly I thought through my thoughtless, impulsive remarks about libel.


See, if he hadn’t mentioned the New Yorker, I never would have been forced to look it up.

Those are, you must admit, some very small hands.


Rather than a belly flop, wouldn’t something like this more accurately reflect what Drumpf is doing to the Repub pool:


Shhh! If he hears us then he’s forced to respond.


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