Washington Examiner's twitter account: Trump going to hell


“For that is what conservatism is: a meditation on— and theoretical rendition of— the felt experience of having power, seeing it threatened, and trying to win it back.”

Robin, Corey. The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin (p. 4). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.


Put another way:


This fits my model that posits that Trump and his administration and allies are fractally ridiculous, no matter how much more closely you examine anything they say, do, or believe, it gets more ridiculous, every day.


“Political Philosophy is the concern of the idle rich-- but the listicle will liberate the masses.”


The irony is on the self righteous Christian dominionist reading the bible. You just know they are cheering for the Pharisees and completely confused how this communist hippy dude seems to keep winning in the end.


That, on t-shirts, bumper stickers, whatever. JUST TAKE MY MONEY DAMN IT!!!


I don’t think they would have wanted anything to do with the actual Pharisees, there is a view that Jesus was a Pharisee himself and his “crime” was to say that they weren’t being radical enough.

I can see the dominionists cheering for the Romans who nailed Jesus to the cross though. Authoritarianism and capital punishment for minor crimes seems to be more their thing.


I’m trying to find it again, but I found it via a quite round-about way in the first place and it’s resistant to search terms, unfortunately…

Yeah, the broader or more focused examination reveals more ridiculousness. Ridiculous as a whole, ridiculous as individuals; ridiculous in their policies, their interactions, their personal conduct, their histories… ridiculous in every way.


lol owned


Think I’ll just let the mystery be.


I suppose there’s the possibility of that. But I think Trump supporters are likely to be lying, conniving, immoral, self-serving bullies, therefore…


Therefore it’s elephants all the way down.


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