Washington Examiner's twitter account: Trump going to hell


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Trump’s not going to hell; he’s bringing hell here.


Eehh, a rift between Christian Conservatives and Rich Assholes of the Republican Party would be a good thing?


I’m thinking it’s a hack. I doubt that Anschutz’s Xtianism filters down to the staff of the Washington Examiner in the same way it might across town at the Moonie Times.


There’s conservative, and then there’s “conservative.” The President’s fan club consists entirely of the latter.


“Trump going to hell”


Maybe God is just tired of having his name abused and decided to throw his opinion in directly.


This is a twist on “The Leftovers” I wasn’t expecting.


I wish I believed in Hell so I could believe that Trump is going there!


I keep thinking that Trump supporters must know that he is a lying, conniving, immoral, self-serving bully, but they’ve been swept up in the rhetoric so much that they now have no way to back out and preserve their egos; and that there must be a tiny little voice in the back of their minds, that they try hard to ignore, telling them they are aiding evil. The extreme stress of the cognitive dissonance might actually cause a cracking of the mental walls of compartmentalization. Maybe this tweet is not a hack but one person’s little voice breaking through…or am I wrong to be so optimistic?




Not only do they know, but many of them like it, or at least think that such people being in charge is the natural order of things.


You aren’t the only one.

To be honest, from my reading of the Bible (especially, but not exclusively, the New Testament) a lot of “Christians” in the US are heretics and would be joining Trump in Hell, if I believed in the place.


You guys realize the Christian hell is only one of many.


Hell, they’re as many as I can imagine! Maybe more!

When you’ve discounted the possibility of 99 religions, one more isn’t so hard.


If the prosperity gospel or white supremacist “Christians” are right then I don’t want to go to Heaven. However, both go against the teachings of Jesus, so I can rule them out using their own scripture.


Sam Clemons reminds his readers of the many certainly-heaven-bound ecclesiastic participants who can neither hold a tune nor play a note on the violin, harp or whatever. Then to imagine the great choirs waiting to serenade you 24/7 upon your arrival.


Yeah, and it’s not a coincidence that he has so much support from American Christian Conservatives. White Evangelical Christianity is about authoritarianism, not religion, despite the name. Religion is just (monstrously) cherry picked in order to justify it. He’s their (almost) perfect president.

It’s nice to be optimistic, but I’m afraid it is just optimism. Trump is a cult leader more than a traditional politician. The facts don’t matter - they’re just something to be denied if they get in the way of dogma. They’re convinced he’s their lying, conniving, immoral self-serving bully, so that’s fine.

And weirdly, Trump is going to all of them.
Someone wrote a rather convincing essay that posited that Trump isn’t just morally bankrupt, but is, in fact, a failure in all known value systems (moral, philosophical, aesthetic…). There’s no value system in which he’s a positive example.


I’d like to read that essay…any links?


Going to hell seems insufficient.