Watch 10,000 maggots devour a pizza, if you dare


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TIL “grub farmer” is a real job.


Will this science help us understand contractor relationships with Republican governments?


MAGGOTS, gotta read the headline carefully
not 10000 pizza hungry MAGNETS


Was this study funded by the magazine?
Or a government grant?
Was it double cheese, thick crust?
Or thin ‘n’ crispy white pizza?
Pick Up or Delivered?
Papa John’s, Dominoes or local?
Details matter…
Enquiring minds want to know!


Challenge denied.


Everybody loves pizza.


But even maggots aren’t so jazzed about the crust.


Okay, you maggots! Drop down and give me twenty!



I read “magnets”. Was not ready for that.


mmmm pizza


You totally deserve more


It has all 4 food groups
Guilt free gluttony!

  1. Well, it’s no NIN “Hurt” video, but it was OK.

  2. One time I found a mass of maggots on the concrete of our small deck. I was like, WTF? It didn’t appear to be on anything, just a big mass of 50 or so.


Sir Yes Sir!
Ooo Rah!
Sir Right Away Sir!
Ooo Rah!
Sir I am a Maggot Sir!
Ooo Rah!

(to be clear, I’m not making fun…I’m a vet. myself)


But you will still eat pizza
Am I Right!?


Not a vet here, but I didn’t intend any insult, either. Tough to riff off “maggots” and “pizza” and have it make sense.


Oh geeze, I’m sure hoping you know
no one thinks that! WTH?
It was perfect!
I myself was making sure folks
knew I wasn’t making fun, either!
We’re just a couple of sensitive slobs, heh?


Don’t worry about the crust.
I will take care of that.


Sensitive? Yes. Slobs? No.