Watch 10,000 maggots devour a pizza, if you dare


They are going to have so many flies.


It’s a figure of speech,
not a real insult!
Just. To. Be. Clear.


Aren’t maggots


That’s cheating!

They totally gave the maggots a head start! They should make the flies do their job!


10,000 maggots - Because the Night Belongs to Larvae


Maggots! How do they work?


I am really glad I just finished the pizza I ordered.

If I had seen that headline before I started eating I think I would have thrown the thing in the garbage.

Also- Maggot Fountain would make a great pornogrind band name


Even eels love pizza:


I don’t know, that doesn’t look like more than 9400 maggots to me. They did a great job, nonetheless.


I wanna know how many flies were blown to make this maggot porn?


This research was done by a friend of mine. I have met those maggots.

I am so very proud that they made it to boing boing.

That is all. Thank you.


I read it wrong too and was significantly less excited once I realized my error.


I imagine the grubs are used for bird or reptile feed. I keep chickens and if one dies i put it in a bucket and turn it into grubs.


Did you look up to see where they fell from?


They could have at least told us how big it was and if there was extra cheese.


It’s like they designed pizza to be a near ideal match to the (late 20th century) food pyramid, including the order on top of the bread base.


It mostly looks like tv static with the crappy youtube video compression.




Fell from??
didn’t think of that!


In new Zealand, the eels do not shriek and tend to prefer pizza to princesses. Doesn’t make the sight of them in a feeding frenzy any less scary.