Watch 10,000 maggots devour a pizza, if you dare


Never ever forget the third dimension lest ninjas or something more hideous comes down to get you.


I liked their early stuff but they were never the same after Natalie Merchant left


It just had a simple roof over the concrete patio. Nothing above it really. I guess it could have been a caterpillar or something that was devoured. Or possibly a frog or something - but I don’t recall seeing ANYTHING but maggots.


Probably a tree overhead with something dead and tasty (to maggots) in it. Probably fell one by one onto the concrete leaving what you saw.

Or it could have been a transdimensional portal from the maggot dimension…


Reminds me of college


0_0 What college did you go to?

ETA - Oh wait, NVM, this is the maggots eating pizza thread, not the sex dungeon for sale thread. I got my tabs mixed up.


I’ll never invite those little nasties to dinner. Not a one of them folded a slice!!!



at least they didn’t use tiny forks


Am I the only one hung up on the concept of maggot farming?

What series of questionnaire results produces ‘maggot farmer’ as a career option? What infinitesimal fraction of people then think ‘oooh!’ and start training immediately?


The opening scene from Blade Runner 2049 is set on one such “protien farm.” Grubs are the meat of the future! At least until Soylent gets off the ground.


Well, that video was a boner-killer for sure, but did not curb my love of, and hunger for, pizza. That business with the crusts going last though, I found that odd. I mean, just tough for the maggots or do they genuinely prefer the cheese n’ sauce covered part more? There needs to be a second run with the crust slathered in garlic butter. For science.


Probably multiple reasons. The crust is harder and drier so maggots may treat it like bark/branch. Something to walk past while looking for the delicious gooey center. The sugar filled sauce has to be candy to them.

I do note that they mostly ignored the cheese once it went hard and rubbery too. Who knew maggots were such picky eaters?


Mildly relevant “Far Side” cartoon.


ewwwww maggots eating pizza is gross…

…now leave me in peace so i can masticate a slice and let the bacteria in my gut turn the pizza into poop while it is still inside my body. totally not gross at all.


I was thinking “Fountain of Larvae” would be the band name that I got from that article.
More of an avant-ish outfit, a la Kayo Dot, perhaps.

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