Watch a Fox and Friends host go on like a High School stoner

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-Seinfeld Voice-

“What are turtle doves anyway? Are they turtles, or are they doves? Come on, pick a proper Class and Order, already, we all have things to do!”


Hmm, they’re just saying whatever comes into their head at the moment, which results in incoherent, ignorant drivel - so pretty much par for the course for them, only they’re not actually being hateful for a change.


talking blah blah blah GIF by Yandel


I like the “get me outta here” glances from the synthetic blonde.


Every day something prompts this same thread of questions in my brain which I will never have any answers:

  1. do they really believe any of this shit? As in stake their lives on it?
  2. are they just saying it for a paycheck
    2a) do they understand the damage they are causing?
  3. does a sociopath know the difference between lies and truth when it comes to their own self preservation? For example, I feel like a lot of the anti lockdown movement came from people that were fearful of their livelihoods being taken away. But instead of rationally making decisions to help their situations, many of them instead chose to simply not believe in the pandemic.

That is just so bizarre…

Pure… undiluted… horse-water.

And yet another reason to cancel your cable.

I am getting a Fred Willard in Best in Show Vibe
“Put the hound in little sherlock Holms hats and a pipe”


I take umbrage at the “stoner vibe”, though. Marijuana does not make you stupid.

If it did, more people would probably be Republican? :man_shrugging:


This article gets extra points for the “Dude Where’s My Savior” tag.

(“I dunno, bra, where’d ya leave Him?” "On the cross I think. . . ")


Man, that’s got to be an upgrade. I’ll take “high school stoner” over “tantrum throwing toddler” any day.


Maybe the turtle dove thing explains why you sometimes see a turtle on top a fence post.

“mega harsh bong toke of a bummer, dude! those cattle were low. like I heard they were lowing
“but it’s totally cool they breathed on baby jeebus to keep him toasty”
“yeah, but what’s with the goat, man…”

A CBC show ;The Cost of Living, did a comparison of Bob and Doug’s 12 days of xmas and if you take out the beer and smokes, it is actually cheaper to buy the stuff in today’s $$ than in 1981 monies(we had 12.5% inflation and a 18% interest rate) but you know, Cons gonna con.

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Exactly. Guys, lets give these wretches a pass. For one brief moment (divine intervention? covid brain?), they are refraining from spewing fear, hatred, misinformation, or racist epithets. They even, somehow, avoided claiming that Santa Claus and Jesus were “white” or that America was “Christian.” That, I think we can all agree, is a minor Christmas miracle.


Well, apparently, they believe the family went to Bethlehem (which had been sacked and did not exist at the time, in Judea, anyway), because they were “fleeing persecution.” And not because of a census (which didn’t happen at that time, either) or to tie in the birth of Jesus to the birthplace of David.

So, I’m not sure if their paychecks depend on getting the persecution angle in there somehow or they should be docked for not knowing their fictional history.

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Reminds me of this piece by Scalzi:


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