Watch: a gifted and personable napkin folder who makes "botanically correct flowers"

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Excellent sentence Cory “…antidote to any bad feelings you may be harboring”. Lots of juice in just a few words.

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Sweet guy, great skill, what’s not to like?

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Want. More. Pictures. Of. The. Results!

#Iamabotanist, and I want to see those plants!

Also, I want to send this guy to see the Blaschka collection. Hell, I still want so much to see it myself…

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What artistry! Buying ticket to Oregon.


When I was an undergrad, I learned how to make roses out of paper napkins to woo women at parties and bars. Not botanically correct, but good enough to make me feel like my nerdy self was being slick. I don’t think it ever worked. After watching this video, though, I think I had the wrong attitude.

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