Watch a guy toss log chunks with a giant John Deere log loader


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Send them men a case of Schlitz!

#4” for gif


will he ever employ a circuit judge


OH - it’s a log loader. I thought those machines were made for getting bears’ heads out of things.


Tossing log chunks – what happens when you drink too much wood alcohol…



How does one add John Deer log loader to one’s Amazon wishlist?

Asking for a friend.



I think you got the static image, not the movie. Please try again, looks promising. i love a talented equipment operator. Takes a lot of physical/spatial intelligence to run those rigs.


Disappointed. Was expecting something more like Scottish caber-tossage where a puny human tosses an entire log, not just a bite-sized chunk o’ wood.


If his grip slips on the backswing, that log is going to land in his lap.




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