Watch: a visit to the mysterious Georgia Guidestones


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I keep meaning to go check this out…


Let’s hope that KenM gets to leave his/her mark for the coming millennium, as well.


Man, that is some Dr Bronner’s level gibberish.


The people of the 1980s were ancient and little understood.


Especially in rural North east GA!


The first two rules have a whiff of … something evil about them. Not sure how best to put it but it’s not something I care to think about too much.


They pretty much come straight out of the eugenics ideology.


ah, Malthusian eugenicists. a plague upon mankind and a dark chapter in our history.


That’s the word I was thinking about. But it’s combined here with a green aesop, not sure on what end of the spectrum the builders were. Fascists or hippies, it’s still chilling.


Given it’s location, I’m not at all surprised to see eugnenics thinking tied up with some kind of environmentalism. It’s a rural county, with probably lots of people who hunt. Many hunters tend to be concerned with at least some sort of rural and natural preservation. But this is also still rural GA in a majority white county, where such views about humanity are probably considered common sense views about humanity.


Is there an artist who goes by Cranksy?


Take pics and post if you go! When you go!

Also 500 Million people? That is A LOT of dead people if we wanted that number today. I suppose if we had negative birth rates across the world we could reach that number in awhile. But mostly that number seems arbitrary.

The rest of the stuff is fairly groovy.


As well as some serious wars, natural disasters, or pandemics…

Agreed. It is.

Yeah, the other ones aren’t too bad at all.


It would involve killing off about 93% of the world population, so yeah, not that great.


Ooof- you got dark fast. And that is coming from someone who gets pretty dark, LOL. Nice job.


It’s true, though! I’m not advocated for those things, just noting that they could have a serious impact on the global population that current is over 7 billion people.


So this is still standing, then? With text like that I reckon someone out there (with sufficient sanity to obtain the necessary resources) would surely feel completely justified in running this thing over with a bulldozer in the middle of the night, or at least covering it in indelible graffiti.



Apparently, that’s happened a couple of times now, although it wasn’t until about 2008 or so.


And where are they now?
The little people of [the mysterious Georgia Guidestones]…
And what would they say to us?
If we were here, tonight…