Watch: A woman accuses a couple of stealing her phone — until it rings in her purse

Okay this is fair. I didn’t watch the video since it was basically labeled as “Karen being a Karen,” but if I knew it was highlighting a racial injustice I would have chosen another post to comment on.


yeah, i don’t get the ratsism thing either. is it a word that could get your video pulled on the TokTik site, or something?

Oh, I’m not trying to suggest that this couldn’t have been motivated by racism, simple that the fact that she apologized rather than doubled down is a good thing. She still should not have done this shit, but it could have been much worse.

It almost always is, as it’s almost always aimed at people of color.


I wonder if we can get the Powers That Be to maybe add a tag or something to the articles so we know which ones we wanna read and which ones we don’t.

That part right there is the only thing that makes this particular story different from all the countless others - the woman in question still has enough self-awareness and consideration to feel embarrassed and apologize.

Most ‘Karens’ and ‘Darrens’ would just double down on being assholes, even when it’s been proven they made a mistake…


This is the whole internet everywhere though now. Being pummeled day-to-day and minute-to-minute with emotional triggers, blatant manipulation, and threats via headlines is the new normal. OTOH I can’t imagine what it is like to try to keep a site, news org, or blog like this afloat. It’s so beyond my range of experiences. I imagine it’s relatively hard to just “opt out” of the strategies for survival available at any time while balancing the wide variety of moral and ethical questions that would constantly come up.


I think you’re right, she’s not a true Karen. I say we credit @Cubist with the label for one such as she: Sharon.


I read it! I just didn’t watch the vid.

No doubt there was a moment of self reflection there but not sure how deep that one is going to go. We could have hope.


It’s the first damn thing I suggest if someone can’t find their phone.
Either that, or ask if they’ve got ‘Find my’ on their pad, or anyone else’ for that matter. It’s what I do when I have a senior moment and can’t find the bloody thing!


It used to be a “directory of wonderful things” now its a “directory of mostly wonderful things” so I believe they acknowledge the change.


How many of these have we seen where they just double down, though? Any self-reflection on these kinds of actions is good, I’d argue. Maybe she’ll think twice next time she can’t find her phone in public and sees a likely target for her racist fears…


In many legal traditions, the penalty for making a false accusation is the same penalty the victims would have suffered if the accusation were true.


And yet I keep hearing that “sharon is karen.”


And asked, no, demanded to see the manager.


Hoping this version of the phone game doesn’t catch on. (Pass it on)

People people! This is progress! Ol Karen could have simply declared herself to be afraid for her life by those scary blah people, screamed ‘castle doctrine!’ or ‘he’s going for my gun!’ reached into her clutchpurse, whipped out her gat and Rittenhouse’d the lot (and it wouldn’t mean a hill of beans that she bought the thing illegally, illegally concealed carry and possibly crossed state lines etc etc etc). Those blah folks should sure be grateful that ol Karen here wasn’t armed to the teeth. I’m guessing I should put the /s tag here but not certain…

So… progress?


Yeah but…

As she chases them down, it sounds like (possibly) she’s about to make it about her. “I’m having a really hard day.”


Karen, I’ve been there, misplaced precious item, violated feeling, complete paranoia, it didn’t help that I’d had a couple doubles, long-winded accusation of theft, groggy realization that I still have the item, and then complete and utter embarrassment but, it’s a good thing no one caught that on film.

No shit. This one even went after them to apologize again! Telling them she’d been having a bad day comes across as making it about her, whether she actually intended it as an apologetic explanation or not. People all too often don’t see those nuances that are screamingly obvious to some of us.