Watch: A woman accuses a couple of stealing her phone — until it rings in her purse

Karen: Wild, racist accusations of theft!
Employee: Incredibly obvious potential solution that Karen should have instantly thought of before even making any accusations.
Karen: No! For literally no reason!

But hey, Karens gonna… kare? Wait, that doesn’t seem right…


gonna need to talk to the manager about that pun


At least she’s famous now.

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BRB, ordering a bunch of these for Xmas presents


Should it now be ‘A directory of occasionally wonderful things’ or ‘A directory of increasingly rarely wonderful things’? /s

What astonishes me is she fights so hard against the very first logical step to take regardless of how things happened.

If one of the “accused” started ringing, case closed. Only thing better wold have been for her to have gotten a call during this idiotic scene.

Not to mention how good a pickpocket would they have to be to lift her phone out of her purse, access it and turn off the ringer while she is right there. I am going to assume she is too stupid to have a PIN or fingerprint or face lock activated and eve if she had, she’d just assume they had Houdini like skills but would somehow use them for stealing stuff that resells for a few dollars instead of lifting jewelry off rich people.


Maybe “Shock and Awww”

(for the cute animal videos)


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