Another Karen accuses a Black man of stealing a phone, later found in her car

Originally published at: Another Karen accuses a Black man of stealing a phone, later found in her car | Boing Boing


As I already posted in the BLM Still thread:


Yup, Aldo the Apache would like a word with you Quaren.





Twenty years ago I lost my inexpensive wedding ring on honeymoon, in what I was being told was a Mexican culture ready to steal anything that was sitting outside of my sight. I complained to the hotel management and the maid in my room was questioned… Of course she didn’t have it and the ring was found still sitting on the mantel where I had placed it. It’s in the top five life long embarrassing instances I would like to have back. Our maid was tipped well and I apologized.

I know how that panic feels and how it can easily spill over onto other people for “reasons”. Hopefully this person learns from this experience.

Surprise ending… When leaving mexico, everything of any value in our checked luggage was stolen… A well earned F’ You on the way out of town. Been back many times now, exploring the coasts, cuisine, and culture and my Spanish is coming along nicely!


That’s some story!
Imagine how the maid felt :smiley:


I was thinking that the headline should be amended to “Another Racist Karen”, then tried to think of a single Karen that wasn’t either a proven racist or almost definitely a racist and realized it would be redundant.


When I met her she was professional and kind and wasn’t going to express her feelings being at work and all. But I’m sure el pendejo was the topic of discussion at their family dinner table that night. :frowning:


Hmmm, somehow when she was proved wrong she did not apologize like she promised. She continued her outrage at the man as though it was still somehow his fault that her son left his phone in his car.

Some people don’t handle it very well when they are proved wrong


Pretty much the core Republican platform right there.


Good. May she enjoy all the scrutiny and potential career impacts that being a racist piece of crap in public can earn you.


as a profligate new yorker, i feel it is important to point out that this so called “soho karen” was in fact from southern california on vacation, not soho.

In fact, most of the horrible people stories you hear in new york are from tourists/out of towners… waaaaaiiit…

its almost like navigating the roads in manhattan drives you to rage and madness if you arent a local. #BATTERYpark

That’s because New Yorkers acting that way isn’t news. And I say that as an outsider who loves New York with many friends there.



Funny thing about the States: we’re a lot more mobile than people in other countries. The idea of picking up and moving to a different part of the country, far away from one’s family, is hard for most other nationalities to comprehend.

So sure, there are a lot of people in NYC who grew up elsewhere, but that’s also true in DC, Chicago, Houston, LA, San Fran, etc. In fact, it’s probably most true in the oil fields of ND.


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