Watch: Ad by new DCCC campaign linking GOP members to Marjorie Taylor Greene and QAnon

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This is the kind of fight we need to see from the Dems. No more of this “unity” BS with fascists and swivel-eyed conspiracy theorists (and their enablers) who want to destroy the institutions of liberal democracy.


Oh shit, that’s a hell’ava rabbit hole to go down.


“…he stood with Q, not you.”

Immediately made me think of a band I hadn’t thought about in a very long time:


The part that makes it work is that Trucker Bronner ran out of space and added a couple pieces of plywood rather than edit himself.


OMDog. I thought those were shingles on the side of his camper!

Dude is troubled.


His lettering is nice though.

We need to find common ground./s


The right tailgate message- the earth spinning, how does a plane land? “think”?

This idiot must have dropped out in 8th grade. My basic physics class in high school explained that.

The air the plane is pushing against is in the same inertial mass moving with the earth (mostly). Meaning the air the plane is flying through is already moving at the speed of the Earth’s rotation, with it, to large affect. So the plane is already moving at the same speed as the earth on the ground, and against or with it when flying.

Basically, no different than his dumber than a sack of hammers brain in his skull in his truck attached to the ground is too.

We really need consistent education standards in the US. Or we will get more people like him.

These are the same people who don’t believe the sky is real though…I think some are beyond help


You mean like this sub-human?



You’re giving sub-humans a bad name :sweat_smile:

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I’m distracted by the Hummer in the mirror.


That’s not a real thing, you just made it up.

Oh no, it’s very real. Everyone gets their own like an umbrella, which is why we all see the same sky. Duh.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion disagrees with you.

This is also something I use and refer to in calculating the inertial mass of a watch balance for timing it’s period of beat.

I’m not a physics master, but this is kind of exactly what I was saying above. A lot of people either never listened in high school physics class, or never took one. This is stuff I learned in high school.

I can absolutely assure you this not only exists, but is used by people around the world. Maybe you were doing sarcasm so dry I missed it?

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Yes, sorry, I felt that the second quote made that clear. There’s a lot of really pitiable crazy and stupid used to “justify” positions of faith. It’s not really even trying to be consistent or believable, and feels like they’ve given up. The flat earth beliefs are relatively benign crazy, though, even if the people who profess them arent. There are many more pressing unhinged belief sets that demand widespread murder, perhaps we should deal with that.

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Praise Bob

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The other side of the tailgate has “if there’s no resistance in space what does a rocket push agiants”
So Newton’s laws are right out

Eta: “corrected” spelling🙃


Logic and reason are wasted on people like that.

How does an airplane land on a moving Earth?
Well, how do children in a car doing 90mph on the highway toss jelly beans in their mouth?

I like that his misspelled question about rockets doesn’t say “against” but rather “agiants”. I guess sky giants push rockets.


& @CanadianBeaver too,

there are plenty of things I learned in high school and college for that matter that I can’t even remember how to do anymore.

At one point I had integral calculus as a starting engineering student before I majored purely in Japanese and I aced that but I can’t remember how to do anything with it.

On the face of it if I tried to explain what rockets push against in space, I’m not sure I could answer that anymore, but I know at one time I was easily able to do so.

I want to be really clear on this- there are plenty of good people in the country who can’t explain things like that but aren’t idiots. There are plenty of things that many of us learned that explain the basic workings of the world around us but we don’t use them in our daily life and we forget them so we forget how to explain them to our kids and other people.

A big part of how smarter people and scientist lose the ear of guys like the guy in the truck above who questions this basic stuff is not being able to approach them at their level, for fear of appearing too dumb themselves, and the inverse of that is that the intelligent Americans appear arrogant in knowledge to people like that, so they lock down on dumb harder, even celebrate it.

That is not to say it’s right to remain ignorant of basic science, or that knowing better makes you an arrogant ass; rather, if someone were able to speak to people like that in the same benign manner of respect as many people do with mentally handicapped people, perhaps more of them would attempt to engage with science and admit their own ignorance privately.

I get tired of dealing with stupid willfully ignorant people too, but at some point, a Mr. Wizard type that’s non judgemental could fix a lot of these people if we could get them to listen.

This does not excuse people celebrating their ignorance the way the owner of that truck is.

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Wow, you’re right, that is excellently framed.


But yeah, the writing on the truck is like some sort of fascist Howard Finster type shit…

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