Watch Adam Savage build a cosmonaut model kit



This is a great introduction to resin kit building, and Adam’s skill and experience are amazing. It’s interesting to see the techniques of industrial model building, like the single action airbrush or the hair dryer or not cleaning before primering(!?). For my hobby building a double action airbrush is incredibly useful (although I break it down and clean it between each color). He seems to be using a really high psi - I use between 10 and 20psi and he’s frequently well over that.

But breathing resin dust from sanding is bad for your lungs. You should only wet-sand kits of this kind.

Floquil paints are discontinued. They aren’t easy to find.

Well he is a professional so I’m assuming he has a good ventilation system to whisk the dust away. Seems that would be the case as he was also spraying primer and thinner about as well.

I wish I enjoyed anything as much as Adam enjoyed painting and assembling that model.


Absolutely fascinating. All the missing steps you don’t have for model building.

I’m not familiar with that kit or figure. But it’s beautiful…up until the helmet. The suit and gear are all worn…and then there’s this boiled egg pure white spaceball helmet that’s visually jarring. Is there a back story for that…because not only is it far to clean for the other things in the model…it’s huge for the head; disturbingly oversize.

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Start today! :wink:

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