Watch anti-masker woman argue with police before being arrested and kicked off Delta flight

It’s a lack of maturity? There are lots of ways to express freedoms and whatever, but this just looks like nothing more than a bad way to delay a travel schedule.

like, wow, man. her arguments were seriously deep. the next time i’m getting busted, face-down, with my arms twisted behind my back, for trespassing on government property, i’m totally going to pull that shit out.

“hey man, i don’t trust you! this isn’t healing! what gives you the right to put your hands on me?”

i’m sure it will all pan out ok


“That’s not healing!”

Every time I heard the “wellness” community spew some woo like crystals and Tarot and astrology like it was real, I didn’t harsh their vibe, thinking it was pretty inconsequential and harmless. But Covid and Q steered that mindset into a dangerous anti-vax and anti-mask movement and these formerly “peaceful” types are getting pretty damn mouthy, too.


She stretched every bit of that privilege with the full discussion about ethics. How many traffic stops have you seen cops go from “follow this one order” to “you’re under arrest” in less than 20 seconds?


Behold the privilege of never having a negative interaction with the police in your entire life.


Suckers who buy that New Age woo make up a significant percentage of anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. Sadly, a lot of these science denialists self-identify as liberals and progressives.


How does she deserve such treatment? It’s not like she’s Driving While Black, or passing a possibly counterfeit $20, or selling loose cigarettes or anything.


I was wondering exactly the same. I’d have started a slow handclap long before.

So, WAS there a round of applause?

Also, she gave every impression of being a white privileged dumb college kid who had never actually had any interaction with a cop before, and really thought she could talk her way out of it. I trust this experience taught her something other than the need to wear a mask.


I may be able to predict the results of your experiment based on a single diagnostic…

I call it the “melanin deficiency test”.

(though not a perfect test, it has pretty high sensitivity and specificity)


Don’t argue with her. Don’t let her ask questions. Drag her *ss off the plane. Why did they even let her speak? Why did they entertain her questions? Had this woman been Black, the outcome might have been very different.


This is mostly correct about Air Marshals (just one L).

But Air Marshals should never be mentioned without a reminder of what a complete joke the program is. Our government spends nearly a billion dollars a year for some guys to fly around taking up prime seats on airplanes doing nothing. They have shot a mentally disturbed person or two (I know they killed Rigoberto Alpizar) and a number of Air Marshals have been arrested for criminal activities of their own or drinking on the job, but I’m not aware of a single case where they actually stopped a bad guy. I think one time an Air Marshal might have done CPR on someone having a heart attack at the airport? Which is great, but surely there was someone else in that airport who knew CPR.

Meanwhile, the odds are incredibly tiny that there will ever be a scenario where all of the following conditions are met: (1) there are actually Air Marshals on the plane (they aren’t on every flight), (2) the bad guys are diabolical enough to overpower the passengers and crew (passengers and crew have proven repeatedly and consistently since 9/11 that they will no longer sit there and let bad guys take over an airplane), and (3) the bad guys AREN’T diabolical enough to neutralize the Air Marshals, who are often pretty easy to spot if you pay attention.

The program shouldn’t exist.


And it’s fun to watch the handful of clean cut, casually dressed guys with rollaboards and identical little handgun-sized pelican cases head down the jetway soon after the cabin crew but long before the pax for that international flight. Or at least that’s my experience on multiple ATL-LHR flights on an unfortunately-virus-related airline.

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In the early 2000s the FAMs were SUPER easy to spot. They traveled in pairs, wore business suits, boarded before everyone else, and always sat in aisle seats near the front of the plane (usually one in first class and one in the first couple rows of coach on typical domestic 2-class flights). They also weren’t allowed to order alcohol or take naps, and would frequently spend the whole flight diddling with a special government-issued PDA (this being the pre-smartphone era).

Eventually the TSA figured out that the FAMs should try to blend in a little better. They started boarding with everyone else, dressing more casually, etc. But I’m guessing that a team of serious terrorists could still pick them out pretty reliably.

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