Watch as an anti-masker takes a stand on Disneyland's 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride'

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I like to call the ‘nose hanging out’ technique the Mouth Breather Mask.


None of this shit surprises me anymore. The last time I took a streetcar 5 people (not in a group, all separate) got on without masks on – this is in Toronto where I had thought compliance was just a given. When I went to get off the streetcar one guy without a mask keep walking up behind me to also get off. I first warned him not to take another step until he put his mask on (it was hanging off his chin). He ignored me, he stepped, and I full-on screamed at him that was I was serious and not effing around. Now I’ll take taxis everywhere. People have become too stupid & selfish to put up with.


Has COVID made people crazy? Or is it a combination of COVID and the last five years that makes people think they have a license to be openly, publicly, and severely the assholes they always desperately wanted to be?


I call it the “dicknose” method


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I am very thankful that I live in a place where everyone wears their masks and no one throws tantrums about it…you know, a place where grown-ups live. When I had to go visit the in-laws for Christmas out-of-town I was absolutely shocked how many people refused to wear masks at the height of Omicron.


Fact: wearing a mask is not difficult.

These people are just being difficult.


And fairy dust settles on everything and the air is full of unicorns farting rainbows? Where might one find such a paradise, kind stranger??


Snark all you want, it’s Evanston, IL. Though I pretty much just go to the grocery store and drive-thrus, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone inside a public building without a proper mask…probably July. Has the advantage of being in a state with a mask-mandate, a major metropolitan area that takes this shit seriously, and a city with a top-tier university and progressive, educated populace.


FWIW, I didn’t read any snark in @docosc’s comment. What you describe does indeed seem like a magical utopia to most of us in the US. If anything, I read some real envy. And I share it.


Envious as hell. To me this is as real as the unicorns I described. Cannot imagine not having covidiots yelling at me or choosing how much stamina I have before going outside.


i felt bad for that woman’s kid. she presumably brought the kid to disney for a little enjoyment, then promptly ruined the experience by behaving like an entitled, ignorant asshole. what an example to set!


A story about a boastful and selfish idiot who ignores public warnings about them being a danger to everyone and ends up dying horrible death is the perfect place for an anti-masker to rant about their platform.

Between this and the fire extinguisher plant lighting on fire, I’ve had enough irony for a while in one day.


I’m out further in the burbs than Evanston, but yeah, mask compliance here is probably about 95%, generally speaking. I visited Iowa over Christmas and there it was like 30%, maybe.


Covidiots can go straight to…well, straight to the place you end up at before the ride finishes (that scene is one of the reasons it’s a can’t miss for me when I go).


He must be her literary hero.

“But I’ve been searching my mind since, and going over things in it, and I find that I’m not a bit sorry or repentant really, so it’s no earthly good saying I am; now, is it?”


30% or less in Minnesota, too. Or as I like to call it, “North Iowa.”


What absolutely blows my mind is before the virus, before Trump, masks were never an issue.

Remember the swine flu outbreak? In a lot of places they had a little box of masks they’d ask you to put on, just in case. Everyone did. I remember I even had a “spare” in my work backpack for a while because I found it novel. People were walking around going “I’m a doctor!” and it was all fun and games.

There’s a lot of blue-collar jobs that require masks for the entire shift for safety. Painters, hazardous materials people, some construction, firemen, etc. All of these people wore their masks or even giant respirators for 8, 12, 20 hours a day without complaining about it being their “personal freedom” or causing them to be “unable to breathe”.

Look, I understand that there’s a group of people who, due to personal trauma, really are bothered by a mask over their face. I’m one of them. I still wear a mask. It was really hard at the beginning, but if that was what I needed to do to keep my family safe, I would happily do it. I usually had to talk myself down from panic when I first put it on for the first few months, but I got through it. I made friends with the mask - this protects my family and others I care for, I will do it.

I have absolutely zero time for anyone who complains about wearing a mask. I even have some that work for me and I’ve snapped at them to comply. I’ve been through the challenges of wearing it and gotten past it. They need to grow up and do the same.