WATCH: Bug spray for calm masked robber


“Stop bugging me!”


She was being a pest! Apparently that stuff works!

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What kind of mask was she wearing? How do we know if she was a robber, or if she was a customer with a disability?

I am allergic to tobacco smoke, perfume, pinesol, lysol, etc. and because of people smoking by the doors, perfume, scented crap in the store, etc. I often have to wear a breath mask, as well as ear and eye protection, to go to some store.

You see? If that poor masked woman had been armed, she never would have been assaulted with deadly chemicals. Also, she’d be about $600 richer. The only thing that stops a bad guy with bug spray is a bad guy with a gun.

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The answer to a bug spray is more bug spray.

It is actually a violation of federal law to use a product like that against the directions. That clerk could technically be prosecuted for that. Just sayin’.

A pesticide can only be used legally according to the directions on the label that is included at the time of the sale of the pesticide.[9] The language that is used on the label must be approved by the EPA before it can be sold or distributed in the United States

A label is a legally binding document that mandates how the pesticide can and must be used and failure to follow the label as written when using the pesticide is a federal offense.

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According to discuss, the above isn’t descriptive enough.


You can be technically prosecuted for breathing, given the density of laws and bylaws and all other sorts of rules. The only way to get somewhere is to damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead.

And just use the bloody bug spray if that’s what you got.

Oh, all the times where I did not have the required paperwork or used a thing “off-label”…


“I’ve got better things to do with my night than that” the clerk said, more matter-of-factly than a person has any right to be under the circumstances.

srsly that lady is more chill on a terrible day than I am on my very best days. How does she do that.


Won’t somebody think of the bugs?

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Redundant array of inexpensive disks? :stuck_out_tongue:

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By the looks of the narrow stream, that might be that dense, sticky spray that you use on hornet nests from a distance. She took the full load to the kisser; does that qualify as fetish porn?

A good cheap mall lawyer would argue that since, technically, in this case, the pesticide was not sold at the time of the incident, then no crime has been committed.


The coders, hopefully.

…aka internet forums.


Apparently, carrying hornet spray for self-defense is a thing, my younger sister tells me. Mace and pepper spray don’t spray far enough, you have to “wait until you’ve already been grabbed by some creep” as she puts it; but bug spray hits them from a safe distance.

ETA: not saying you should do this…


Non-robber customers don’t generally walk up to the counter and demand money.


Taking your post at face value: the video shows the cashier stood there holding the can for a while, shaking it, waiting again, and only after the would-be robber didn’t leave after all that did she use the spray for its unintended purpose. One could argue this is more than enough restraint, even for a non-stand-your-ground state.

From the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association website:

In Pennsylvania a License To Carry Firearms is only required to conceal a firearm, or to carry a firearm in a motor vehicle. The law is silent on the act of openly carrying a firearm while not in a vehicle making it de-facto legal. It must be noted however that due to 18 Pa.C.S. § 6108 (Carrying firearms on public streets or public property in Philadelphia) a License To Carry Firearms is required to carry a firearm in any manner on the streets or public property of a "City of the first class" (Philadelphia.)

She wasn’t on a street or public property at the time of the “shooting”.

Except at banks.