Watch: Bungee ride turns into near-death accident


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If only she’d been wearing a GoPro.

Glad she looked…Not dead at the end.


I wanna meet the person that bought the next ticket & took the ride. Courage or stupidity? You decide…


##Nope, nope, nope, nope nope!


“Bungee jumping officially began in 1979, but men on Pentecost Island in the South Pacific have practiced nagol, or land diving, for centuries. In a ritual full of symbolism and spirituality, men dive from a wooden tower up to 100 feet high with nothing but vines attached to their ankles. On a recent voyage aboard the National Geographic Orion, the ship’s expedition team helped a jumper attach a wearable camera to his chest, capturing a thrilling view of this ancient tradition.”


This video looks like a zipline, not a “bungie” ride.

Lol - I have the Hardcopy of that Nat Geo - some neighbors gave it to me because I was that kid who was always running around doing that stuff. My Aunt took just turned 13 me to Vegas to bungie jump the tower they had there back in the late 80s and we saw George Carlin.


Late 80s. Bungie Jump. George Carlin.

Doesn’t get any better than that.


That guy who was grabbing her hand. It didn’t occur to him he could have made things about 100 times worse?


“I’ve got the power!”


I think it’s more of a swing than anything



What. The. Fuck.

I still want to do a proper bungee jump some day tho…


I was just in Cebu, Philippines recently. One of the hotels there built an amusement park on the roof where you get strapped into a harness and then can do crazy stuff with no rails. This video is pretty much what I imagined happening. So much NOPE.


That was inches from being terribly gruesome.

Very, very lucky to be unhurt.


Randy Newman said short people got no reason to live. But being short is the only reason she’s alive! Conundrum!


I usually cite bungy jumping as the only activity that is appropriate for vertical video. But even here, vertical video is still idiotic. Admittedly, this giant swing isn’t actually bungy jumping.


At that point I was worried she would go off track and hit the railing on the right so he might have been justified. Also it wasn’t clear that her feet were trapped. What if somebody was holding them, but lost their grip?


I wonder if the ride is deliberately designed so that even if you’re hanging by your feet, you’ll still miss the platform?
If so, good work nameless engineer.


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