Watch CNN host Chris Cuomo threaten man who compared him to fictional mafia moron Fredo Corleone

Precisely. And not wishing to make any capital from your suffering it is because society is starting to change that their behaviour towards LGBT and POC is less acceptable and more likely to result in intervention (real or digital).

The less in control they are the easier it is to marginalise them. There will always be political extremes and we probably need them.

Same here.

Most of the stories I’ve read or heard about some Nazi-adjacent asshole getting clocked have involved the aforementioned intentionally trying to provoke a violent reaction.

Nazis arent a ‘political extreme’; they are an evil blight on humanity’s existence and no one “needs” them.


And yet we have them, so what do you want to do with them? Because if they are not at the extremes where are they?

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I guess we’ll just have to keep punching until they stop moving


Just because you can imagine an extreme viewpoint, doesn’t mean it has to be tolerated to maintain some theoretical spectrum.

“We just have to put up with these baby-eating nazis with machetes for arms and uranium-based radiation emitting hats, because who are we to judge?”


It also doesn’t have to counterbalanced by those on the far extreme on the other side behaving just as violently. As discussed in another topic, that doesn’t end well when Nazis are involved:




I did not write or infer tolerance. I suggested opposing them and confronting them at every opportunity. But I do not realistically expect that they will disappear without a fight, because that is what they thrive on.

Are you sure we shouldn’t re-educate them or just lock them up without charge?

Perhaps we could smother them with amusing gifs or type the Nazism out of them.

So we fight them until they do disappear.



Yes that is what “we” do.

Normally I’d say you shouldn’t be checking with Trump Jr. on anything, but it’s possible that they are an expert on being the dumb brother. (Get a “why not both” gif ready for when someone brings up Eric)

Life is a Sisyphean task. I bet you shower every day knowing that you’ll just need another one tomorrow. Or get repairs on your car or home knowing that another part will break down. We don’t need genocidal ideologies anymore than we need trace amounts of feces on our hands. If there was Nazi soap that scrubbed people clean of 99% of their Naziism I’d think we should all wash with it every day, and I would not lament for a moment that we were losing anything we needed. There isn’t, and we have to deal with the complicated reality of human beings who have genocidal ideology as one facet of their existence. That’s very different than “needing” it.

Quick note: I do think “Fredo” is an ethnic slur. I don’t think the person would have called Cuomo that if Cuomo was not Italian. Cuomo responded with a slur and basically comes off looking exactly as good as the person who threw the first insult.

But Cuomo should definitely know better than to compare “Fredo” (which I type here without worry about being censored) to the only word in the English language that full-grown adults still refer to as “the [letter]-word”. I wouldn’t type that in a direct quotation.


Anger issues? check
Out of control in public? check
Gets baited into self-destruction? check


I agree. But it completely misses my point. Which was that if they have to exist, it is better they are at the extreme rather than anywhere close to normalised.

We should shirt this.


Like taking words out of context?

Why should I be required to lower my standards in order to fit in with apathy?

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I don’t think anyone here is asking you to do anything at all. I’m sure everyone is fine with you setting your own standards for your life, whatever they are…


For what is it worth, you would lose your bet, but thank you for your description of me.