Watch cops bust a dog out of a sweltering car

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It’s nice to see cops doing good things once in a while.


Those appear to be british police? One might assume that they behave somewhat better than the power tripping thugs here in the US.


I’ve lived in a couple regions where citizens had the power to break in, and I was constantly on point. I want to save every critter, and I do murder face for every forgetful schmuck.

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They don’t always. There are plenty of bad apples.

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Better, but not good. Individual cops may be good, but the police force is still corrupt.

canteen culture (uncountable)

  1. (UK) Unofficial beliefs and values held by members of the police force, such as institutional racism.

The Macpherson Inquiry is over 20 years old, yet the problems still remain

And don’t rely on the police if you are LGBTQI+


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