Watch Davos woman have fun jumping from fourth floor into deep snow


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Damn snow can be fun!


Probably not even if I knew what was under the snow.

“Oh, so that’s where I parked my car!”


I wonder what Trump is doing, since he can’t use his golf cart to get around there.

Yeah, even with perfect knowledge of where everything in the area is, I’d be afraid something had been moved without my knowledge and also that I might plunge deep enough into snow to be smothered.



Oh crap.

That’s where we shoveled.


“Oh, so that’s where Niles left his pitchfork!”


It does look like fun :slight_smile: Not sure i’d be interested living somewhere that gets that much snow though.


I would stand there for an hour debating whether it’s better to jump feet first, or to try and spread out my body somehow to break the fall (like when stuntmen jump into a huge airbag.)


Wait, Davos is a place? I always assumed it was an acronym, or one of those fake names for not-quite real companies.


More guts that the loser of the popular vote and current resident of the White House. I wonder how she got out.



Hockey fans know it for the Davos Cup. Also it rhymes with Bravos, so they have that going for them.


I thought you had to be a bloke to be that silly.


Up until now, i’ve only heard of Davos in it’s 'the place the absurdly over-wealthy gather to discuss ways to impoverish the rest of the planet" guise…


snow immersion suffocation is a thing, so…do this carefully, and never by yourself


darwin award material, for sure.


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just look at all that snow, no way global warming could be real! \s

the snow is above head level near here, but seldom does anyplace get that much in one go so that it is all light fluff like that. that would be epic snorkel skiing.


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