Watch Elizabeth Holmes do the perp walk into prison (video)

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Soon, she’ll begin her mandatory prison job in the cafeteria

I’ll have the mac and cheese. Hold the blood test.


Object lesson. If you’re going to defraud people, do it to the poor. If you do it wholesale they will eventually name hospitals after you. Hell, running a hospital in the US seems to be an excellent way to fleece the poor and vulnerable for profit.

However, if you defraud the (very) wealthy you will go to jail.


Hm. Seems like there might be another word for “mandatory job”.

I don’t like the woman, but I like slavery even less.


Elizabeth Holmes is a terrible person but i’ll take any opportunity to highlight forced slavery in the US.


Yeah, it’s not a mandatory job, it’s slavery.

It’s currently allowed slavery:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
-13 Amendment

but it is definitely slavery.


Here’s another view of her new home. The prison buildings have red roofs.
As you can see, it’s a real hell-hole. No golf course… not even a tennis court.

Good thing for her that she didn’t land in a State prison like this one in Huntsville, about 50 miles away… her new home looks like it has air conditioning.

Here’s hoping Lord Dampnut ends up in a Georgia prison…


So are priiivate prisons.

Kinda surprised the prisons don’t charge for the food & shelter & clothes & etc…
And pay so little that the prisoner is bound forever.
Or that they haven’t found a way around laws preventing such.

The Commissary doesn’t count. Hell, they have retail stores on Aircraft Carriers.

Anyway, most people won’t believe you when you tell them that slavery is still legal in this country.


Eyes tired. Read pep talk instead of perp walk.

Brain also tired. Dreams up crossover of both. Hilarity ensues.


Somehow she was not wearing a black turtleneck.


She’ll swap it out for an orange one


Very satisfying to see a sociopath end up locked away from society. I’m sure she won’t stop trying to get out, but now it’s time to shift our attention to the next arsehole.



It’s really weird for me to see discussion and debate from the convicted as to when she starts her imprisonment - If I’m handing down a custodial sentence , and it’s not a suspended , the dock is locked before, and the defendant leaves through the stairs in the floor straight to the cells, and then to prison.


The insistance that prison be as punative as possible to the poor never ceases to astonish me.

Imagine a world where prisoners are allowed to earn some money for work during their incarceration, covering debts or saving some money for when they are released. I’m sure recidivism among people with some education (also ideally free) and savings would be lower than someone with debts and no resources to start a new life :thinking:.

But nope lets punish and keep people down ensuring private prisons can find more revenue streams and keep believing that harsher punishment alone will deter crime. Ugh…


You mean “make you US president”?


This is a huge and unexamined problem in the US prison system. Inmates often get burdened with enormous debts when they get out from being billed by the system for their time. If they don’t repay that money, they are sent back in and the cycle continues. It’s all really cruel and vicious.

As for Ms. Holmes, that one minute video is surprisingly affecting. Imagine what she must be thinking during her last seconds of freedom before eleven years of hell. As others have said, I have no good thoughts or feelings for that woman, but also nobody deserves the US prison system.


There’s so much to be said about the US’ attitude towards crime and the incarcerated, it’s very frustrating and most of it could be boiled down to old testament type of vengeful punishment and racist attitudes towards minorities. And i guess sprinkle in some old fashioned capitalism because you gotta monetize everything, including jail.


Fundamentally, I think it boils down to what people think prison is for. Most enlightened societies view it as a combination of rehabilitation and protecting society from dangerous people. Not to say it succeeds at those goals, but those are at least the goals, which are noble in intent.

The US system is very clearly about punishment. The way it’s built, the way it’s discussed in culture, the way sentences are defined- the whole system is clearly built with punishment as the goal. It’s a very dark world view.