Watch: Fox News flips out as Biden embraces "Let's Go Brandon" and laser eyes

Right! I’m buying one. But only to collect Maga tears.


The people that fly this flag are the type that actually had to pick up a rifle and do a tour or three in-country, and seem to forget that Trump bragged that his Vietnam was not getting a STD while tomming around the Upper East Side.

I asked my father, who was a Marine infantryman, who had a very bad year in Vietnam (he was there for Tet, and he still to this day will not talk about it to anyone, not even Mom), who was MASSIVELY for Trump, how he could honestly respect a man who got his daddy to bail him out of going to Vietnam, who mocked a man who had been beaten for years for simply wearing the same uniform he had, who disrespected the military with every action, instead of the platitudes he spewed forth…with all of this how he could vote for him. His answer: “I f’ing hate that b1tch.”

I just can’t with these people.


[citation needed]

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